We see all different types of commercial envelopes designed for different purposes every day. Commercial envelopes are designed for business purposes and are as varied as the purposes they serve. These envelopes ease the carrying out of business transactions. The envelope designed or chosen is just as important as its contents.

Although the U.S. postal service has different standard envelop sizes that must be used it is the size and type of mailing, budget, and whether or not automated equipment is used that determines the size and style of envelope that is used. Whatever is used must be within the postal service’s guidelines of standard sizes so businesses plan their mailings around these guidelines. Businesses also choose specific envelope sizes, styles and colors to create an image, send a message or invoke an action from the recipient.

Basic Business Envelopes

The basic white business envelope is rectangular and comes in a variety of sizes. Each size can be used for a different number of pages and different sized paper. These envelopes can have a clear plastic window for the recipient’s name and address and they can have a second window for the return address. The envelope used coincides with the business correspondence being mailed. For example, the business will use a standard size for letters, invoices, bills, etc. and print the correspondence so that the address and return address line up with the windows on the envelopes being used. The correspondence may need to be folded a certain way to fit in the envelope and have the addresses line up with the windows.

Security Envelopes

Security lined envelopes are designed for mailing sensitive information. They are manufactured with a special interior making it impossible to see the contents through the envelope. They are available with or without a clear plastic window. Bank and financial statements, legal documents, collection agency documents or any kind of confidential correspondence requires a security envelope for extra protection. These envelopes may or may not have clear plastic windows. These windows save time and ease the use of automated equipment for filling the envelopes by having the name and address of the recipient printed on the contents, so that they show line up with the window. A second window may be used or the return address.

Larger Envelopes

Some business envelopes are designed for mailing catalogues, magazines, booklets or multiple sheets. These are usually square. Cataloguer sized envelopes and can be used to mail a thick packet of paper without the need to fold the contents.

Envelope Sizes

Commercial envelopes come in twelve different sizes. The number ten business envelope is the most popular size and has the largest variety of colors and features. There are also envelopes made for discs and CDs. These may be a cardboard envelope designed to keep the contents from being damaged while in the mail. Wallet envelopes resembling a wallet are geared toward automatic mailing machines. These type envelopes tent to make a favourable impression on the recipient and are used for direct mailing campaigns. Pocket envelopes tend to be small and can be used to mail such things as receipts, coupons or photos.

Manila Envelopes

Manila envelopes are usually large square envelopes with a metal clasp or a band that wraps around a button on the envelope to hold it closed. These type of business envelopes are used for inter-office mail and are designed to be used over and over. The metal clasp manila envelopes can also be used in the regular mail and are usually used for correspondence that is not meant to be folded.


Any type, size or colour commercial envelope can be designed and produced for commercial purposes as long as it complies with postal service standards. Most businesses that have regular mailings plan and standardize those mailings for efficiency and use a certain size paper and envelope depending on the purpose of the mailing.

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