Many people who lose hair resign themselves to fate. They stop looking youthful and begin to drop out of their social circles because nobody invites them to parties anymore. This is sad and avoidable. Avoidable because there is a cure for baldness! Yes, the hair clinics in Delhi have devised methods of curing baldness. The last recourse is a hair transplant and they give 25 years guarantee for that! Here is a look at the kinds of treatments possible before you consider a hair transplant.

Different hair loss treatment methods
Each treatment method suits one specific type of hair loss. People who lose hair only minimally from the front of their hairline are said to suffer Type 2 Baldness. People that have lost all the hair on the top of their head are at the last stage of baldness. Here is a look at the different types of baldness.

Androgenic alopecia - This is the most common type of baldness for men. This comes due to genetics and at times, even women begin to lose due to this condition.
Involutional alopecia - Baldness that occurs due to aging is natural. Hair thinning begins early for some people even while they are in their teens.
Alopecia Universalis - In this type of baldness, hair drops off from all parts of the body including the eyebrows, beard, scalp, and eyelash.
Alopecia areata - It is a kind of patch baldness that eventually results in complete baldness.
Depending on the type of hair loss, the treatment is given. Different treatments such as mesotherapy, laser therapy, PRP therapy, and Derma Roller therapy are considered.

Mesotherapy treatment for slightly bald people
Mesotherapy is a preferred solution for those who suffer partial baldness. A combination of plant extracts, vitamins, homeopathic medication, and allopathic preparations are injected into the scalp. This is used to reduce dead cell proliferation and stimulate the generation of new hair cells.

Hair transplant Solution
For the people who cannot find any improvement through the normal hair loss treatment, the only alternative is a hair transplant. This is done mainly using two techniques. One is the FUE method while the other is the FUT method. In the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method, each of the hair follicles gets extracted using a syringe. This is a painless method but it takes more time.

In the second method, strips of hair get removed by cutting the scalp. This leaves a scar and it takes more time to heal. This method is chosen when the patient has no time to lose. But, we adopt the FUE method. You can do the FUE Hair Transplant in Delhi if you have complete baldness and your hair is not responding to any treatment. Check with the hair clinic experts to see which treatment is suited for your hair type. After that, you may make the payment to begin the treatment.

You can also get eyebrow transplant, body hair transplant, and beard transplant. You get the entire thing done without any scars or stitches. Forget about your hair problems, live life fully again. Consult hair clinics in Delhi for an appointment first.

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