You would do well to know the following, when you happen to be looking for a job. Recruiters and hiring teams try to get a feel of the kind of the candidate during the job interview. Based on the candidate type they try and slot the applicant and accordingly portray and pitch the company. Employers require segregating applicants into different categories to be able to understand what makes each of them tick and use them to their advantage. Now, when it comes to courting the prospective employees, interviewers are forearmed with the knowledge, they can accordingly focus relevant aspects of their company which would appeal the most to interviews and influence their decision to join the company or decide otherwise.


Help me find a job, well if that happens to be your current mental state, let us examine certain types of employees and see where you fit in, to understand how companies are going to woo you and take advantage of this very fact to negotiate a good package. This knowledge comes in real handy, when you are doing the rounds of employment agencies as well. The first type that comes across is a careerist who often gets a bad rap, they are decried as the ones who move ahead with gusto and climb the career ladder at any cost. The brunt is borne by the people around them. If you look under the hood, you would find that the desire to climb up the ladder, even though it amounts to trampling on other peoples toes to be able to move ahead. Companies look at this tearing drive as a modifiable trait that can be given the direction into a desire to lead. The company would accrue huge capital benefits in the event the hiring process is successfully completed. Companies would do well to emphasize on various opportunities for advancement, this needs to be substantiated with a real example displaying the potential for accelerated growth for a given position.


Another employee type we come across are internationalists who constantly try to find jobs abroad. They are a different breed altogether and come bundled with knowledge of multiple cultures, though they are a rare breed to come across. Amongst them are still rarer employees who are able to leverage the unique knowledge and build meaningful connections between multiple braches of all pervasive global corporations. Employees possessing effective multiple knowledge skills are a big asset for multinationals. To appeal to such employees the hiring process should be as global as the company itself. The hiring entity would do well to appeal to such candidates by putting benefits ahead of pay. Such people are more interested in knowing what the job has to offer beyond money per se. would they be able to build effective connections and expand their network.

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Employees are the greatest human resource for an organization, it is said that in the event a company loses all its assets, but has loyal employees, they can rebuild the organization to its former glory.
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