Devotion has great importance in all religions. Bhakti is a path that anyone can easily take and receive the grace of God. In fact, it is a fast-growing medium of attaining God. Through devotion, a man is freed from his sins and sins and attains the supreme abode of that Supreme Father God. There are nine types of devotion mentioned in scriptures. Those who follow these nine faithfully attain salvation and are freed from the cycle of life and death.

Shravan Bhakti: Shravan Bhakti is called Shravan Bhakti, revealing and lovingly listening to the virtuous stories of God's name, form, virtue, Leela, glory, element, and mystery, and immersed in the love of God.

Kirtan Bhakti: Kirtan devotion is a form of thrill in the body, strangulation, heart swell, etc. while praising God. This kind of devotion sometimes brings tears, which are considered to be the devotee's deep devotion to God.

Recollection: If the devotee pays respectful reading and listening to the influence of God, his entire form and his amritamayi stories and forgets his own mind in contemplation and becomes engrossed in the form of God, then it is called the spirit of remembrance.

Paad Abhin Bhakti: By loving and reverently observing, contemplating, worshiping and consuming Shri Phantoms of a huge idol of God, a metal idol, a picture or a mental idol, by losing his senses in the love of God, by losing his intelligence Delving into it is called plant consumption.

Archana Bhakti: A beautiful and lifelike idol or a picture or mental idol of the form of God mentioned in the scriptures is worshiped and worshiped by worshiping the Lord with the help of flowers, sandalwood, etc. and getting absorbed in the love of God while worshiping is called Archana Bhakti.

Vandan Bhakti: Vandan Bhakti is called blessed Bhakti, if you feel the idol of God or in a similar form, seeing your love and devotion, seeing your love and devotion in your love, and giving him physical or mental worship.

Blessed devotion: If devotees are ready to worship God and consider God to be their lord and themselves as their slave, they should serve their idol or idol and clean the temple, etc., and think themselves blessed by doing so Is the form.

Sakhya Bhakti: Knowing the effects and power of your adorable, lovingly change yourself according to the interest of God, love God like a friend in a friendly way, share all your happiness and sorrow with God and always be enchanted by his form. Being happy is considered a form of true devotion.

Self-request Bhakti: Knowing the glory of God, devoid of affection and ego, abandoning your alien feelings and surrendering your body and your wealth to you, along with your body and wealth, is called self-request devotion. It indicates superiority.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.