Over the time epoxy flooring has emerged as a wonderful floor coating option. Epoxy is basically a material formed by mixing hardening chemical and liquid polymer resin. It is usually poured over concrete flooring to prevent it from any kind of wear and tear. But these days it is also done on wood and other base material. People have also started installing complete epoxy flooring.

According to epoxy flooring contractors, epoxy flooring find great use in industrial buildings. Since in it non slippery, resistant to most chemicals and have anti-static qualities, it have been found to be very useful in food industry, chemical industry and electronic industry where electronic equipment may get damage due to presence of electric charge. It also increases durability of the flooring by many folds and considerably reduces the maintenance required.

Let us have a look at different kinds of epoxy flooring used in industrial and residential buildings.

  1. According to epoxy coating contractors in Huntsville, AL, contractors often mix colour chips, sand or other hard plastic pieces to epoxy solution in order to increase its traction and make it non slippery. Such kind of flooring is found to be very useful in food industry where spillage of oil and food can make the floor slippery. Quartz sand is used to increase traction of the epoxy flooring.
  2. Another variety of epoxy flooring is epoxy terrazzo, mortar epoxy and gravelled epoxy. In order to create marble like effect on epoxy flooring contractors mix contrast colour hard plastic chips in the epoxy solution. According to epoxy flooring companies, such kind of flooring is usually installed in the garages of private homes. It is a economic alternative of otherwise expensive marble flooring.
  3. According to experts of commercial and industrial epoxy flooring, epoxy flooring can also be used in creating logos of the companies. On addition of colour pigments to the epoxy solution, they develop beautiful solid hues which are also opaque in nature. Such coloured epoxy solution can be used in creating logo of the company on the floor.
  4. Epoxy floors are not limited to industrial buildings. They have found a great use in residential building. They are being used in areas like entry of the house, bathroom and kitchen. Tiles of epoxy solution are being manufactured for installation in different areas of the residential home. Since epoxy flooring has a cushioned layer, it can be used in places where there is heavy human traffic and people have to stand for long hours like in kitchen.


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