With advanced innovation in mattress sector, consumers can find the ideal product suitable for their specific sleep needs. Many types of mattresses are available, so let’s understand the differences before making a decision.

Innerspring mattress or coil mattress

Standard spring mattresses seem primitive to people who have switched to new mattress technology but they are still popular because of some good reasons.

  • Affordable
  • Widely available
  • Easy to transport
  • Offer a range of firmness options

You will also need to be aware of its few setbacks

  • Easy on budget but lack quality
  • Cannot counteract pressure points and pain
  • Squeaky when rolled over
  • Sagging occurs on few years
  • One-sided, so cannot be flipped

The main aspect to be considered is coil type and its gauge in the innerspring or coil mattress. Four primary types of coils you will see.

  • Continuous coil - Designed from ling single wire. It is S-shaped and least expensive option.
  • Bonnell coil - You will possibly encounter Bonnell coils more frequently, especially if the cost is the main driving force in final decision.
  • Offset coil - These have hour glass shape just like Bonnell coil. The only difference is that they are designed with hinge square bottom and top joined to its adjoining coil. Hinging effect is produced, which flex under pressure and produces less noise.
  • Pocket coil - Instead of being wired together coils are wrapped separately in cloth encasements. They are highly bouncy and can disturb sleep of the other partner if one moves. They are most expensive kind of innerspring mattress and the best option for those who don’t enjoy the feel of sinking.

Low gauge number means thick coils, which indicates firm mattress. If you wish for a bed to sink then opt for coil gauge rated 15 over 12. You can see this website for more details.

Natural fiber

When you speak about the overall comfort level then it becomes difficult to define if natural fiber is the right one for you or not.

Types of natural material

  • Organic cotton lasts for 15 years
  • Hemp for those living vegan lifestyle
  • Organic wool is great in regulating temperature
  • Latex features fire-resistant qualities
  • Bamboo, a renewable natural resource
  • Coconut coir offer buoyant quality

Memory foam

Foam technology is growing in popularity because it takes the shape of your body and when pressure is released, it regains its original form. If you enjoy the feel of sinking in bed or being wrapped and cradled then memory foam is a perfect choice.

Memory foam has also been used in aerospace industry to produce shoes, safety helmets, seating pads for disabled, and prosthetics. When you talk about memory foam mattresses, which has a proven record for high rate customer satisfaction displays good features like -

  • Encourages appropriate spine alignment
  • High level pressure point relief but even prevents pain
  • Low motion transfer
  • Allergen and dust mites resistant
  • Fits adjustable beds
  • Durable

Gel foam mattresses

As soon as pressure is released gel foam mattress rapidly bounces back and regains its original form. When you lie on the mattress, there is no push back like you are possibly accustomed to because surface is low at 22% and there is 78% open air. You feel like sleeping on air. You will also like its impressive capability to disperse heat allowing you to sleep cool.


For patients struggling with back pain waterbeds are effective because they adjust wave action to partial full or no wave. You even get settings to adjust firmness and water temperature. It makes your back more flexible. However, it has its drawbacks like increase in utility bills, risk of leaks and difficult to transport.

Poly foam mattress

Poly foam is least expensive materials, which is used by manufacturers to design bed-in-a-box. You will need to consider density of poly foam mattress. Higher density means more durability. Majority of manufacturers don’t reveal density level but if you find a good quality then it will help to enjoy some health benefits.

Airbeds, adjustable beds, pillow-top mattress, and more makes difficult to decide. You can compare the mattress type and material quality to select one that suits your lifestyle.

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