Details on floor installation can vary widely because of the many choices available to homeowners. There are also different types of preparation and levels of difficulty since they can range from DIY to expert services that can only be achieved by a professional flooring contractor. The following are the main types of floor installation you can consider:

Hardwood flooring: Hardwood flooring provides a beautiful and natural type of floor installation. What with the ability of hardwood floors appearance to improve with age and the fact that you only need to sand it to make it look like new? The only challenging part is its installation because it is time consuming and requires an expert contractor. After the installation has been done there is also an entire process of sanding and staining it to the required color.

Laminate: Perhaps laminate is the most popular of all floor installation options that are available and there are good reasons for this. This is a highly durable material that is made in different styles and can be made to look like stone, wood or even ceramic tiles. Laminate is highly durable and this is the reason it’s quite popular in homes where there are kids and pets. The other important reason for its popularity is of course the ease of installation and it is also DIY friendly. This type of floor installation works best over a padded subfloor for you to get a professional finish.

Stone tile: There are different stone tile products that are great in terms of beauty and durability. Most people prefer polished marble or Spanish terra-cotta for their kitchens because of the stunning finishes they provide. However, this type of floor installation is quite difficult and consumes a lot of time and it’s the reason why only professional flooring contractors are allowed to do it. There is a great deal that needs to be done in floor preparation to make it completely flat and the grouting that must be dome after the finish that you can’t accomplish as a layman.

Carpet: Millions of people prefer carpets because of the comfort and warmth that it provides. This works very well for room such bedrooms especially because of the warmth it can provide during the cold winter months. Floor installation experts have special equipment such as power stretchers that they use to install them correctly. An expert will make sure that a carpet that is laid in a high traffic area is glued properly so as to hold it in place to avoid buckling and stretching. However, always remember to vacuum the carpet often because it can collect a lot of dirt and loose fibers.

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