A few decades ago or even a few years ago, were you thinking of using a personal home coach? Not that much. Although fitness and the issue of getting in shape exist for a long time, it was always done alone: the athlete before the machine and its goals. Only in gyms could you receive advice from a fitness coach, and it didn't even happen in all gyms.

Now that many people have grown tired of the "collective" and "muscular" atmosphere of gyms, the profession of personal trainer has appeared strongly. Personal training was born in a country where sport and body worship are very important (although not for everyone, since 1/3 of the population is obese): the USA.
The objective: to reproduce at home or abroad, with a sports and fitness professional, what can be found in a gym, without being bothered, obviously, by other athletes.

But, when a personal trainer travels to a client's house, not only the physical aspect is taken into account, but the sports teacher also becomes a behavior coach. Psychology has a very important role in personal training.

Personal trainers must not only work the physical part with people suffering from obesity, overweight or even daily stress through sports and relaxation, but they must also motivate them. Therefore, motivational speeches are very important and the personal trainer must show their psychological skills.

I'm already a personal trainer ... and now where do I work? In a gym? On their own?
Diet control is an important extra to help those who want to lose weight.

The personal trainer has a contradictory character: he has to be demanding, but understanding; someone to trust, but also the bad guy, etc.
In addition, "personal trainer" covers several disciplines and, therefore, several professions. Therefore, if we follow a training to become personal trainers, we open the doors to various labor market options.

Gym monitor

There are numerous gyms that offer jobs as a room manager, weight management consultant, multipurpose sports animator, etc.

In addition, this phenomenon continues to grow. The gymnastics market invoices in Spain about 2100 million Euros, which makes us fifth in Europe, only behind France, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom.

Crossfit monitor

In the same way as traditional gyms, Crossfit has been developed for several years and is looking for sports trainers to teach classes.

In the Crossfit rooms, one of the premises can be rented to give private or group lessons.

Thus, the personal trainer can give an entrepreneurial approach to his CV if he embarks on the adventure of creating a franchise of a large Crossfit chain or if he launches to manage his own box.

Coach in associations or groups

Some associations, such as neighborhoods, offer fitness classes to their members, which can be a source of income (unless you want to do it as volunteers!) As an external trainer, that is, on your own, you can charge classes per day, per week or as a monthly fee.

Sports coach for a public body

Sports centers, gyms or municipal swimming pools need instructors and sports monitors to teach fitness, bodybuilding, swimming, etc.

Personal trainer for companies

Personal trainers can offer their services to companies to teach (weight training, fitness, toning ...) during working hours: it is increasingly popular in banks, start-ups, insurance companies, etc.

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