With all the forces placed upon our bodies, it is not surprising if it occasionally suffers from various painful conditions. Science has progressed to such an extent that many effective treatment procedures are available now. However, when the pain is associated with muscles and joints, physical therapy can often help you attain relief from all kinds of muscle and joint pain.

Physical therapy treatment makes use of different techniques for maximizing the potential of joints and muscles. Consequently, the damages in the body can be repaired and the process of healing can be quickened. However, in order to get full benefits from this treatment, you need to ensure that you approach a good physical therapy center, where experts would conduct the program. Based on the nature of the pain and discomfort, the physiotherapists determine the physical therapy exercises that are ideally suitable for you.

Different Types of Physical Therapy

The types of physical therapy include:

Orthopedic therapy: This particular program is designed to treat a patient after orthopedic surgery. Orthopedic physical therapists diagnose and manage disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. They provide treatment for arthritis, sports injuries and amputations. To ensure quick recovery, hot packs, cold packs, joint mobilizations, strength training and electrical stimulation are utilized.

Geriatric therapy: This kind of physical therapy is offered to cover issues like arthritis, hip and joint replacement, balance disorders, and osteoporosis. Patients benefit from personalized physical therapy programs that would aid in reducing pain, and restoring mobility.

Neurological therapy: People with neurological disorders or diseases including stroke, and spinal cord injury are offered these kinds of physical therapy programs.

Pediatric Physical therapy: Includes diagnosis, treatment and management of disorders and injuries that affect the joints, muscles and bones of children. Infants, children and adolescents that receive these treatments benefit from improved balance and co-ordination, strength and endurance.

Customized Treatment at a Reputable Pain Management Center

A reputable pain management center offers the services of trained physical therapists for treating conditions such as:

Sports/orthopedic injuries
• Back pain
• Neck pain
• Knee and shoulder pain
• Work-related injuries
• Discomfort caused by poor posture
• Degenerative joint disease
• Ankle and foot problems
• Herniated discs

Before a treatment schedule is started, the patient’s condition is accurately diagnosed. Physical therapy modalities and therapeutic exercise programs are then utilized to restore your normal, active lifestyle. Treatments provided include:

Massage and Myofascial Release
• Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS)
• Ice or heat to eliminate muscle spasm and inflammation
• Ultrasound to treat soft tissue injuries
• Traction
• Rehabilitation
• Injury prevention

Treatment and care provided with special focus on the needs of individual patients are most beneficial, enabling them to lead a pain-free life once again.

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