For those who may not be in the know, a sprinkler irrigation system is a simple man made watering system that imitates rainfall in order to give plants that water supply they need so badly. Different pipes are used to create the system and a powerful pump is employed to spray the water into the air so that it will fall like rainfall directly on the crops before going deep into the soil; this is what we observe whenever rain falls. We all know that while rainfall is the ideal, it does not rain every day while in other places, rain takes such a long time before it comes. The answer to this problem therefore is sprinkler irrigation so that plants are watered efficiently and effectively. This artificial rainfall has allowed for constant food production even in places where clouds and natural rain end up failing.

There are several types of sprinkler irrigation system that have been designed to specifically address such water problems but in most cases, the type will be determined by the size of the area that needs to be irrigated or the type of property where they will be used. There are sprinkler irrigation systems that are designed or small or large areas whereas others are suitable for a select type of plants while still others are created to work well in residential or hotel settings. However, it is good to note that most sprinkler irrigation systems have been designed with water saving capabilities while at the same time ensuring ease of installation and use.

You can say that the best way for you to easily classify sprinkler irrigation systems is by way of the sprinklers that are used. There are mainly two types of sprinklers namely industrial or residential sprinklers. Industrial sprinklers usually employ a fixed pattern and in most cases their irrigation system is operated and controlled using hydraulic or electric technology so as to cover very wide areas. Depending on the need, the sprinklers can either be located above the ground or be buried below the ground.

The residential type of sprinkler on the other hand is more often than not used in watering lawns. There are a few of these types of sprinkler that are installed permanently where they are connected directly to the home’s plumbing system; these are the same water sprinklers you have seen used in watering golf courses. Compared to the industrial sprinkler irrigation systems, the residential systems are fairly affordable. If you have a lawn or plants that need to be watered in a fast and efficient manner, a sprinkler irrigation system is what you need. Whether you are dealing with a big area of land or just a small lawn, there is always something to cover every person’s needs.

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