A rubber covering, typically inflated or surrounding an inflated inner tube, placed around a wheel to form a soft contact with the road. Rubber tires were one of the important discoveries, as previously people use metal which was not that much of efficient. Rubber tires have the certain qualities which had a great effect on the performance of the tires. These tires have the contract patches or footprint which is the area that comes in contact with the roads as it is on higher level. Actually the distance between the lengths to width ratio of the contacts patches plays an important in the performance. Then comes the threads ware. Sometimes these threads are the reason for the poor performance such wheel alignment, because wheel alignment has straight effect on the performance. Another reason for poor performance of tires is the excessive inflation because this inflation of sidewall causes wear and it reduces speed. The measure of tires traction and grip of tires is done its dryness. Opposite is wet traction in which we check the grip and traction in the wet condition. There are different types of forces which are referred to tire uniformity. There are basically three types of forces which are applied on the tires.

• Radial Force Variation
• Lateral Force Variation
• Tangential Force variation

These forces are applied on the uniform manner to maintain a balance and the car moves. The forces that are applied are centripetal and centrifugal forces.

Tires are of two types. Off road and on road. Off road tires are specially designed for the rough and mountain areas, where the vehicle can move easily, and in this world of today there are different types of tires for different categories, such as they’re different tires for agriculture, aircraft, bicycle, cars, trucks, industry etc. With this development of tires there is development in the tires, there is also development in the categories of rims. There are different types of rims introduced.
Alloy rims: Alloy rims are made up of mixture of metals which includes aluminum and magnesium alloys. This metal improves the handling of the cars and makes the car looks better. Most common used rims are alloying Rims.

Chrome rims: Chrome rims have shiny nickel finishing which gives them a classy touch. Because of its look, chrome rims are expensive because of its classy look. Chrome rims do not serve for the better performance by they are strictly aesthetic and are used to make the car look attractive.

Spinners: Spinners have gain popularity in recent times and they are mostly used for the modified cars, especially sports car. Spinners give it an elegant look and a sporty look.

Steel wheels. Steel wheels are the rims that come in the stock from when the cars are shipped from the factories and they are not at all decorative but they just full fill the requirement of the rim. And some people prefer this stock rim instead of alloy rims. It’s just matter of passion for the people weather they choose simple rim or alloy rim.

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