Flush handles are among the most commonly replaced parts when it comes to toilets, mainly because of how often they are used, which results in frequent wear out. Therefore it is essential to know what kind of toilet flush handle you need to replace your old one to make your toilet functional again.


It is perhaps the most common type of toilet flush lever on the market. The front-mounted toilet lever is set up at the front part of the tank, as the name suggests. They can be told apart from their flush rods, which move parallel with the lever. Even though there are a wide variety of options available, you should take note of the measurements because not every front-mounted flush handle will be compatible with your toilet.


If you’re looking for a flush lever placed on the side of the toilet tank, you need to invest in the side-mounted flush handles. A common way to distinguish it from the other types is checking if the handle is perpendicular to the wall behind your toilet. The side-mounted flush handle has its flush rod bent exactly at a 90-degree angle which pivots in an upward or downward motion upon operation. The side-mounted flush lever is a more minimalistic and aesthetic option.

Angle mounted

If you have a round-shaped toilet tank, the angle-mounted flush lever might just be what you are looking for. You will, however, have to pay attention to detail as this type of flush lever comes in different angles, so you will need to pick an option that is compatible with your toilet tank to make it functional. An easy hack is to either invest in an option that has adjustable flush rods, which enable the user to alter the angle of the rod according to their need, or you can look into the details of your old flush handle for comparison.

Extended Long Reach Cistern Lever Handle

This type of toilet flush handle is perfect for use with concealed toilet tanks. The best thing about these flush handles is that the lever can be adjusted to the needed length. You can do this easily by cutting it down with a hack saw, which you can’t do with any other types of flush handles.

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