Moving takes a lot of time and patience and getting free moving quotes and searching for the right moving company for your move is just the beginning. Getting moving quotes is important as it gives you an idea of what your relocation project will cost before you load your valuables on the movers truck. They also provide you plenty of useful information which will give you a better picture when you are planning your move and calculating your budget. Here are the ways to find free moving quotes from the best movers.

Over the Phone: This is the simplest, but not accurate form of getting moving quotes. There are many movers who publish “call now for a free quote!” and you might be tempted to take them on their offer. However, you need to be prepared before making the call, as you’ll probably be asked how much stuff you need to have moved, the layout of the old home and the layout of the new one, how close the moving trucks can get to your door, or if there are stairs, etc. You need to be as detailed as possible and when you’re done, you have your moving estimate. This method is tedious and gives you a general idea of how much it will cost, however, it might not be very accurate since a slight error on your description may lead to extra moving cost.

Free Moving Quotes Online: Internet has made it much easier to get free moving quotes without spending too much of your valuable time on the process. The days of endless phone calls by repeating your request, again and again, are over, and by going online, you can now get information at a click of your mouse. But the internet is also too full of information and where should you begin? There are plenty of mover's websites online, should you visit all of them and request for moving quotes? If yes, then this process is no less tedious than calling multiple movers.

You can simplify the whole process by visiting a reliable moving platform like Moversfolder, where you will find a refined list of reliable licensed and insured cheap long distance moving companies just by filling your moving requirements. You will be able to check the moving company's profile, their services offered, customers reviews and even get free moving quotes from them all at one place. By using this free of charge service, you will be able to find an affordable and reasonable mover for your move. These moving quotes are accurate as per your information, however, they are not binding.

In-home survey: To get the most accurate moving company quote, you need to ask moving companies representatives to visit your home and do an in-home estimate. Professional moving estimates are trained to check all your belongings and notice even the smallest details of the move. After accessing every detail of your move and understanding your requirements, they will be able to give binding moving quotes. Having multiple moving estimators at your home and getting quotes from them will also allow you to negotiate with them and get the best possible deals even from reliable moving companies.

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