A good blazer is actually a common, somewhat a staple in every girl’s wardrobe. A blazer, is so much more than an item of clothing to be worn in a professional setting. They are even more versatile than something you pair with trousers or a skirt. They can give you always a feeling of chic sophistication, as well as a formal, casual vibe. Blazers are also great, if you are looking for structured layers, without feeling uncomfortable.

If one is going to compare, cardigans are too relaxed and calm, while jackets are too bulky to be in them for all day long. However, blazers are just the right thing to be in all day and night long! To be honest, blazers are actually the It item in the market – it’s not a bag, covetable pair of shoes, piece of statement jewelry or a designer dress – those are the blazers.

• Wearing it with slouchy boots:

No one would think of wearing oversized blazer, let alone purchasing one. But when you pair this piece with some slouchy boots, it’ll be the most casual, yet fashionable thing one could adorn oneself in. Pairing it with a simple tee and also simple jeans will accentuate the look even more. This look would go well in an official setting, or maybe on some formal meeting.

• Styling it over a graphic t-shirt:
Graphic t-shirts are something of a casual wear. Using it with blazers? You would think it would be a big no-no. But then, this idea has come to your rescue, when you want to look casual yet formal. Layer a graphic t-shirt underneath the blazer of a suit in an effort to make your overall look a bit more casual. You could use it anywhere, even in office, or with an outing with your friends. Make sure you use the blazer and the loose pants that are in same color, so that it pairs off beautifully. Preferably, use beige or pastel colors to make it look more appealing.

• Go Monochrome:
Going monochrome is not using just the color black. Monochrome is using the color from the same color palette. So, when we say go monochrome, all you have to do is compile same colored clothes and co-ordinate your way in to fashion. For example, if you have a beige colored blazer, finding dresses and shoes in the shades of same, with same colored accessories. Going in the same color is said to be outdated now, but then, it would work when it comes to blazers. a href="//zoutons.com/us/asos-coupons">Purchase such beauties in a cheaper way using Asos promo code<! Wearing different shades of one color from head to toe is a perfectly cool way to make the look work!

• Clash Prints:
Clash prints is something very bold and funky looking. Pairing a printed blazer is cool, but have you ever thought of using the same paired pant with it. Get a little funky with your look by clashing the print of your blazer or suit with a standout, equally outrageous sock. Sneakers and a beaded bag will complete this bold look with the eclectic vibe. This type of look is usually is used in formal settings, like offices, presentations, and seminars.

• Elevate your jeans:
Ever thought of using blazers with jeans? No? Then, we are here to remove your prejudice. Elevate your jeans by adding a structured blazer over them. You could use linen checked jacket over your blue jeans to accentuate your casual, comfy look. There are a lot of options in jeans as well as blazers, with printed and plains and all other kinds of designs – take your pick!

• Mix Pastel and prints:
It’s not actually a new thing, but it certainly is a rare thing – using pastels with prints. Throw on a pastel blazer over a festive printed dress. The statement hue will not only enhance whatever print it is you choose, but it will also add some structure to the frock. This attire gives off a girlish vibe, and yet it is casual and bold too – a perfect dress for you. Asos promo code is what you could use for getting this combination at a cheaper rate.

• Turn it into a dress:
Dresses are a big yes for every girl out there! Using blazer over a dress would be cool, but using blazer as a dress is something else altogether. Wear a more oversize blazer and convert it into a proper dress for a fresh and an altogether dynamic look. Wearing ‘dad’ sneakers will add the missing cool-girl touch to give that vibe. You could use this type of attire for parties and other casual meetings, something to give of a chill, casual vibe.

• Layer it with track pants:
Track pants are beautiful, warm and most comfortable. To be honest, they are proving to be one of the biggest trends in the fashion market. However, track pants are for a casual wear, while blazers are some formal things – this opposite but rare combination is something of a unique attire – make them work for the office by styling them together. Pair this up with a handbag and proper shoes, and you are good to go.

• Style it into a matching skirt suit:
Skirts are sophisticated yet casual, and they can go with literally anything. Styling it up with a matching skirt suit will elevate your look a bit more. Skirt suits are back in a huge way. One of the most common and absolutely favorite way to style them is with a simple tee and colorful sock boots. If you have a printed or a plain skirt suit, make sure you pair them up with opposite shirts and tops to wear them with this skirt suit.

• Make it maxi:
Maxis are those long, flowing dresses, made to give you those ‘looks to kill’. Style them up with an accurately coordinated blazer, and you are good to go. Add some polish to a flowy maxi dress by way of a lightweight blazer. Pair this look up with killer accessories, per usual, which will certainly make all the difference here. If you wear a plain maxi, then make sure you use a printed blazer over the top, to make it look contrasting and beautiful, and vice versa.

So, there you have it! These are some of the looks which will make you look cool and fashion-forward. Right from oversized blazers to some maxi blazers, one could use these ideas anytime they want. This is not only to make you look good, but it is also to have the blazer used more times than average, as many girls just save the blazers for some special occasions. It is up to you to choose which your favorite is and which one would make you the most comfortable, enough to be in it all day!

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