Difficulty Getting Pregnant: Difficulty Conceiving First Child (Problems Conceiving A Baby)

If you struggling to get pregnant but not been successful, there may be some factors which are interfering in your pregnancy and making you infertile. Experience of infertility is emotionally painful for women. Feeling of frustration, guilt, anger, anxiety, depression and confusion may affect your daily life. So, if you want to make your life happy and joyful, you need to find perfect solution of infertility with your partner. Any interference that occurs during fertilization may bring about infertility. Tracking your ovulation is the first step that let you know, you are infertile. This may be happen due to determination to monitor your ovulation for several months.

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PCOS is the most common factor of infertility. This is found in one woman out of ten. PCOS is the short name of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. It can create difficulties while trying to get conceive child. If you are looking to get help for the fertility tips which can help you in get pregnant fast, you must have full information about what is making you unable to conceive. Infertility may be classified into two categories- first is primary infertility and second is secondary infertility.

When a women is not able to get pregnant after at least one year of regular, unprotected and well timed intercourse that is primary infertility. Secondary infertility is that when a woman has conceived in past but medical, emotional and physical condition is hampering their pregnancy now. These days there are many hospitals and clinics are available in every part of the world to treat infertility. Many couples are going to treat infertility and find the reasons behind it. They go through expensive tests and many of them find negative result or despite treatment, they find they can never conceive own child. So, the natural treatment is the only method that can help you in getting pregnant when you are infertile too or you have been told you can never conceive you own child.

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Getting pregnant fast and having great expectations for a lovable dream baby cannot be a wonderful thing for any women. If in addition to her expectations she gives birth to a baby with anticipated sex, nothing can be greater in her life. Getting fast pregnancy is really a miracle though everything is with sincere efforts of the couple in this regard. The other influencing factor of fast pregnancy is the body condition of the female. Even with healthy body status of the woman there should be more favoring factors of fertility chances. In other words, the so called 'medically impaired fecundities' should not spoil the fortunes for getting pregnancy as planned. Unfortunately many women are not fit for pregnancy with poor body condition against fertility chances.

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In spite of all these, a woman should not decide negatively and develop hopeless aspirations for sure pregnancy to become a mother sooner than late or never. It is wrong to lose hopes for getting pregnancy fast. Here is the chance for choosing miraculous diets to enhance health and provide hopes to trying to conceive to the aspirations.

Diet tips for getting pregnant faster:

Choosing right diets is a holistic approach of beating infertility and getting pregnancy naturally fast. Consuming diets with essential vitamins and proteins can enhance chances for healthy pregnancy, of course with brighter hopes. As such, it is advised to eat more of fresh vegetables, fresh fruits with fiber, and cereals rich in protein. Snacks and recipes are permitted. Raisins, yogurt, and soy milk can be good diet foods for boosting fast pregnancy.

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I often write articles for couples who are trying to conceive a boy baby. One of the more common concerns that I hear is how to know when the time is right and how to identify when your body is the most compatible and ready for a boy conception. You really don't have to guess. There are inexpensive gadgets, tools, and methods that can show you precisely the right time to attempt to get pregnant with a boy child. I will discuss this more in the following article.

The Right Or Best Time To Conceive A Boy Is When You've Both Ovulated And Become Alkaline Enough: There are basically three variables that go into to influencing your baby's gender. They are: when you conceive; how you conceive; and what your PH is when all of this happens. When you're trying for a boy, you want to conceive late in your cycle, meaning you want to have sex after ovulation occurs. But, we have to take this a step further because other variables are just as important.

Having sex after ovulation will definitely give a boost to the Y or boy producing sperm and increase the chances of the same. But, it doesn't make sense to release all those Y's during the optimal timing only to have many of them become compromised or to die off once they enter into an acidic vaginal or reproductive tract. So, you need to find the intersection point of the day of or after ovulation when you are also decidedly alkaline. The boy producing or Y sperm are greatly negatively influenced by an acidic environment. So, it makes sense to only attempt to conceive when you can ensure that you aren't too acidic and you aren't too early.

To be very precise about it, you are looking for two days in your fertility cycle. You are looking for the day of or after ovulation AND you need to be alkaline on both of those days. If you aren't, you're falling short of creating the best environment and scenario possible to boost the Y's strengths and to diminish their weaknesses.

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The Tools That Help You Determine The Exact Day (Or Days) When You're Ready To Conceive A Boy Rather Than A Girl: Unfortunately, many people understand this time frame but they use old fashioned or non effective methods to determine when they've reached it. They'll use the basal temperature method or try to check their cervical mucus. Or, they might just eat some alkaline foods, try to douche with baking soda, and call it a day.

This is akin to trying to hit a dartboard blindfolded and praying that you'll get lucky when a stray dart hits the target. You can easily do much better than this without a lot of time, effort, or money. There are a wide variety of good, inexpensive, and reliable saliva and urine ovulation predictors (though I prefer saliva.) And, there are also little papers that allow you to test your PH. So, there's no reason to guess. You can use these on a regular basis to see not only where you are in your cycle, but also how your habits and regimen are changing or influencing your readings. This allows for you to tweak your regimen so that you're getting the results that you want.

You can tell that the time is right to conceive a boy once you've gotten a positive ovulation reading to show you that ovulation has occurred AND once you've got a very alkaline reading from your PH strips. If you're not seeing both of these things, it's usually a good idea to wait until you do.

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Using different sexual positions to help influence your baby's gender is a free and easy way to coax mother nature into giving you the gender that you'd prefer. This article will focus on which sexual positions help to conceive a girl baby. I will also explain why and how this variable is important.

Why Different Sexual Positions Increase Your Chances For Having A Girl Baby: Many of the methods for conceiving a girl baby are focused on one thing - making life so difficult for the sperm that produces boys (the Y's) that most of them die off or weaken so much that they never make it to the egg.

Think about it this way. Your egg is waiting and will be fertilized by either an X or Y. To have a girl rather than a boy baby, you need for the victor to be an X. If can eliminate many (or even all) of the Y's, then the only sperm left the fertilize your egg (and the only possible choice) is going to be the X's, which is precisely what you want.

Using the correct sexual positions is one way (but not the only way) to start eliminating the boy producing sperm. Before I get to which sexual positions are best, I need to explain the weaknesses of these Y's (or the sperm that makes boy babies.) The advantage that the Y's do have is their speed. Give them a chance, and they have a better chance of winning a race of speed, which is why it's so important that they are never give them a chance. Their weakness is their longevity. The tradeoff for the speed is the fact that they don't live for long since they are very vulnerable to both time and high acidity.

Intercourse positioning addresses their weakness in terms of timing. If you use shallow intercourse positions, then you will give them a longer distance to travel and a longer period of time that they are exposed to your reproductive tract (which hopefully you have made hostile or acidic.)

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The Best Sexual Intercourse Positions When You're Trying To Conceive A Girl Baby: These are just general guidelines because what works best for each couple depends on a couple of different factors. Couples who have one partner who is much taller or shorter than the other may have to experiment somewhat. Remember that you are going for positioning that allows for very shallow (but deliberate) penetration.

Good examples of this are the spooning position where both people are lying on their sides with their knees bent. The missionary position is also commonly used because it's pretty easy to control the depth of penetration with it. Another often overlooked alternative is to have the woman standing up. This makes it more difficult for the man to achieve very deep penetration. People often think that woman being on top achieves deep penetration, but it certainly doesn't have to. With this, the woman is in control as to how much or what type of penetration is present. Positions where the woman's legs are facing down are also good for more shallow penetration.

Finally, almost any position can be modified to work to conceive a girl as long as both partners use control. Being conscious of only allowing shallow penetration is the key. That's why practicing before you actually are trying to conceive is a good idea. You'll want to narrow down what works best for you so that you're not scrambling or unsure when the day finally comes.

Other Pieces Of The Gender Selection Puzzle: Hopefully, I've shown you that using the right intercourse positions can help to get rid of some Y's or boy making sperm. This is important. But sex positions alone likely won't eliminate nearly enough Y's. The whole idea of using shallow penetration is that it exposes those Y's to their environment for a longer period of time. So, it also makes sense to make yourself more acidic and to conceive early in your fertility cycle since these things are also quite detrimental to those Y's that you are trying to discourage.

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