E-Commerce is one of the largest businesses that is growing rapidly these days. It has gained high popularity in recent years and will be continuously growing in the coming years as buyers are getting more into online shopping day by day.

According to Oberlo It’s estimated that there will be 1.92 billion global digital buyers in 2019. What’s more, this number is rising rapidly and is expected to hit a massive 2.14 billion people in 2021.

Keeping into consideration this future growth and in order to compete with this growth, what measures should be taken for emerging ecommerce trends for 2020.

But do not forget any change you will make, it should be for the betterment of the customers. So it is really important to look out for the best ecommerce trends that will help your customers in any manner.

Here are some of the ecommerce trends that can be implemented now for 2020. These trends will hopefully help you to win your customer's attention and make your business bigger. Also, if you are looking to hire software developers in India for your eCommerce projects, you should keep these trends in mind. Let’s have a look:

Get Personal

It is a universal truth that you need to build a strong relationship with your customers whether it is an offline business or an online one. For that, you need to get engaged with your customers personally. And this is one of the major contributions to the success of your business.

To maintain a relationship with your customers, you are required to have your own CRM system that is customer Relationship Management tool. Having access to this may help you to go through personal data of the customers and this will enable you to find out all customer’s issues.

Apart from this, you are also required to remain in touch with your customers or leave feedback.from from time to time. Make use of online form builder in order to create a contact form that you might embed on your website and product pages.

Personalize your content: It should be shoppable

Nowadays many of B2C and B2B eCommerce websites are implementing the practice of Personalizing products, services, and digital commerce content. Personalizing the eCommerce or the specific product content will help the customers to simplify the tedious task of whatever they are searching for online.

According to Vish Ganapathy, Managing Director and Global Retail Technology lead at Accenture.“Not only are customers satisfied with the results, but with each customer interaction, the brand gained insights into how to improve its product and targeted marketing techniques.”

Personalization of the content will be beneficial for the B2b eCommerce as it will help them to capture their customer’s interest and also acknowledge them with a piece of extra information regarding the customer’s journey.

Enhance Your Systems

Enhancing your system is indeed one of the most important trends to which you should quickly jump and without which your platform will never succeed. You need to upgrade your system according to the technology and the customer’s needs.

With the help of an order management system, the eCommerce fulfillment process can be enhanced. Apart from that, this Order management system is beneficial to protect your business for the future that is, it is future proof for your business. So it could be said that if it is properly used it can make your life very easy. One of the major advantages of this Order management system is that it is quite able to unify your business tasks so that it becomes easy to interact with your other business systems.

Video-based strategy

Video is one of the most interesting and effective trends that can help to attract influencers. It is because people usually prefer to watch the video instead of reading. So in this way you can boost your eCommerce business by providing them quick information.

Quick information may include: introduction to the product or even offer instructions on how best to use the item. In short it could be said that video is a more influencing and personalized way of communicating with the customers. It is one of the most effective ways of engaging your customers that cannot be found easily in the eCommerce industry.

Be Interactive

Offer your customers a chance to interact more and make their purchase more comfortable. Like it has been already done that customers can view a product from the comfort of their own home. But the issue arises when the customers get stuck whether to buy the product or not in between this. And the reason behind this is the standard image of the product which makes the customers unable to make the decision.

Introduce Customizable products

Personalization is high on demand these days and is going to the next level with the products that are specifically customized for the customer. In order to know the individual's preference and to make customized products for them, various online stores are taking initiative to create content like quizzes and surveys. This helps them to find out how to customize and what?

This strategy is really working in areas like health and wellness. Stores like Curology and Gainful create totally customized product lines based on the individual’s health needs and goals.

Flexible Payment Options for Big Purchases

It is obvious that someone needs to think once before he or she spends on a big purchase. So it often becomes very difficult to convert new customers simply because they view that purchase as more of a risky investment. So there are various payment options like Afterpay, Final, and Affirm in order to convert your customers who are to spend on big purchases.

These modes of payments help to break down the large purchases into smaller payments and distribute them over the course of a few months. And yes! it is true that the retailers that offer Afterpay can convert their customers more easily by 20% to 30%.

Implement AR and VR

One of the major disadvantages of online shopping is that people cannot try their accessories before purchasing them. They cannot get them ensured whether the product will suit or not. This makes them stop sometime to shop.

But with the help of AR and VR technology, this issue could be resolved as this based on Artificial intelligence. This technology helps to create a fake environment for the customers in which they can see a particular product or dress over their bodies. So this concept basically works as an offline store and motivates them to purchase.

The examples of online stores that are making use of this technology are Amazon and Ikea.
Apart from this, today many other sites are also making use of this technology. This basically helps in improving the customer’s experience.

Final words

So, you have seen how was eCommerce trends in 2019 and how they are going to be in 2020. Now you also have seen and read the eCommerce trends for 2020. On the basis of those trends, you can get a clear idea of how revolutionizing will be the eCommerce area in 2020.

Do not let yourself behind in this swift revolution and try to place yourself on the top by contacting the best eCommerce development company such as PixelCrayons so that you may replace the mistakes which you have done in 2019.

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