In layman language, digital marketing is the marketing of services and products with the help of digital methods. People think that they know everything about digital marketing but when they get into details, they get to know that they only know some aspects of digital marketing while a major part of it is still not explored. There are various types of digital marketing like search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC marketing, search engine marketing, affiliate marketing, email marketing etc. In addition, some of them are outlined below-
Search engine optimization
In simple words, search engine optimization is the process, technique, or strategy, which is used in order to raise the visitors to the website. It is decided by the search engines that which website should be placed in the search pages, which entirely depends on the keywords, present in the website. This thing clearly suggests that there is strong correlation between the keywords, which are used in the website or link or in the whole content. But there is a clear and strong association between the search engine optimization, marketing on social media and content. Nevertheless, the strongest connection is between the marketing on social media and search engine optimization.
Content marketing
In this type, the main goal is to target the customers with the help of content. In this type, the awareness about the products and services is carried out by the content, storey and general information. It is not the common type of marketing but proper guided information can lead to positive results.
Social media marketing
Nowadays, everyone is active on social media and there is no better option than the digital marketing with social media. Mostly every Digital Marketing Agency has the agenda of promoting their services with the help of social media. In this type, company can easily know the likes, dislikes and suggestions about their products and competitor’s product by the customers.
PPC marketing
This type is known as pay per click marketing, which suggests that the company or the marketer have pay for every click done by him. Almost every social media offers this type of marketing but only search engines do not allow this type of marketing.
Search engine marketing
This is almost similar to the pay per click marketing but the major difference is that the company has to prepay for the information, which they want to be visible to the buyers on the search engine.

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Almost every social media offers this type of marketing but only search engines do not allow this type of marketing.