If you are a digital marketing expert, you must often find yourself brainstorming on the strategies to generate leads. And not just any leads, generating good quality leads that are crucial to sales funnel is your goal. A digital marketing funnel is not like the sales funnel. The journey of a consumer begins right from building awareness. It is a challenge for any digital marketing expert to bring a consumer to the website or the physical location of the store from where they can be converted into customers. Attracting visitors may not be as big a challenge as converting them into a lead and ultimately into customers or clients.

For a brand, more leads mean more traffic and ultimately more business. But how do you generate leads. Here are a few strategies that any digital marketing agency would suggest you generate quality leads for your business.

Quality Content Marketing

If you have a successfully running blog on your website, here is your jackpot. As much as you would like to disagree, content is still the king. Do not underestimate the power of a well written blog. Top quality content will not only manage to get visitors to your website, but it will help you get leads as well. Win trust of the site visitors with compelling content and providing valuable information and eye catchy images and convert those visitors into leads in no time. Be consistent with posting content on your blog to encourage engagement and interaction from the users. Collaborating with a leading digital marketing agency will not only benefit you in getting a successful content plan but also ensure that good quality content is provided for your website.

Social Media Platforms

Social media is one of the major platforms to get leads from. Since people spend so much time on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. there is a huge potential for capturing leads for your business. A digital marketing agency will advise you to not replicate same social media marketing strategy for all the channels as each platform may have a specific set of audience. Research and study about where most of your potential customers spend their time. It is futile to run a lead campaign on Snapchat if that is not where your audience is.

Paid Social Advertising

If you are thinking of advertising on social media, then you are heading in the right direction. Social media advertising is a lot cheaper than print or television advertising. The later sure helps in creating awareness but may not get you leads, or you cannot monitor even if they do. While you can target your potential customers on social platforms based on region, demographics, and interests. Paid advertising is more focused and is always a great way to generate more leads. You can target leads that are more viable without wasting time or budget. If you have no clue, take help from a leading digital marketing agency to create a highly targeted social marketing strategy.

Optimized Google Listing

Google listing is a Google page where you showcase all the information regarding your business. This includes the link to your website, the physical address of your store or office, timings, reviews, etc. Lately, Google has launched a new feature called Google posts wherein you can share your offers and services. Not only is this necessary for SEO optimization to help you rank better but can also generate website traffic and more footfall to your store. If you have not optimized your Google Business listing yet, it is high time you do that.

Email Marketing

Email marketing has also become one of the successful ways to generate leads. Businesses send out emails to their existing customers and potential customers regarding new services or offers. If these emails are creative and compelling enough, users will open them and follow the link to your website. If you have a decent open rating of emails, you must not neglect email marketing at any cost. Have a pop-up on your landing page wherein a visitor enters details. Once you have the information, you can work on the lead for conversions. Email marketing is a great way to generate leads. There are various tools available online to help you build an automated email campaign.

Google Adwords

Have you seen those ads that appear on the first three ranks of a SERP? (Search Engine Result Page). It is another way to get traffic to your website and generate leads. You will be charged for the ad from Google every time someone clicks on it and lead is generated. If you are an e-commerce website, Google advertising is the most essential digital marketing tools for you. Get in touch with a PPC agency to help you plan a PPC campaign. Once you bring a user to the website using PPC, you can use other tactics to convert them into business.

These are some of the major strategies that work miracles for any business. You can hire a digital marketing agency for your brand to figure which ones work the best for you and then align those to your marketing goals.

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With over 10 years of experience as a leader in digital marketing, Nikhil Kurode is the Managing Director at Marketify. He provides complete digital marketing solutions to startup, small and large businesses. Find details @ https://www.marketify.com.au/