The field of digital marketing is constantly evolving, right from consumer behavior and business models to changing technology trends. Older digital marketing tips and tricks may no longer hold ground in today’s changing digital landscape. It is time to revisit strategies and reconstruct new ones from the old. Here are some interesting digital marketing trends to be aware of in 2015.
Websites Will Become More Mobile-Friendly
In 2015, the importance of optimizing websites for mobile will be paramount. Statistics reveal that in the year 2015, mobile phone internet user penetration worldwide will be 52.4%. This means that digital marketers will add a mobile-friendly website as the first thing on their digital marketing to-do list in 2015. It is important that social media managers are aware of this trend so that they may skew all new campaigns or promotions in a format that is optimized for mobile. It is also important that all imagery used on social media is also optimized so as to view it on a mobile device.
Facebook’s Algorithm Change Can Be Countered By A Sophisticated Content Marketing Strategy
Social media is a great place to promote a business, but marketers often forget how much is too much. With the new algorithm for Facebook’s News feeds, the experience of the social media audience is heightened through timely posts about information. This results in a sophisticated content marketing strategy being the answer to increase engagement on Facebook. Those businesses who already have a strong content marketing strategy can easily choose content from their blog to show up on their Facebook page. But for those businesses that have not yet adopyed this strategy, it may be time to do so.
Tweets Will Be More Optimized Thanks to Twitter’s New Search Engine
Twitter’s newest offering – its very own search engine – allows people to search through every Tweet ever published. This has led to it becoming extra important for digital marketers to structure their tweets in such a manner that is shows up when searched for on the microblogging social network. This means that digital marketers will have to optimize their tweets by adding images, hashtags, and links to ensure they rank higher in Twitter’s search engine results. This new search engine works much in the same manner as Google does. By adding the right keywords in their tweets, digital marketers can ensure higher visibility in search results.
Digital Marketing Decisions Will Be Determined By Social Media Data
There are a variety of reasons that digital marketers should consider using social media data in their marketing mix. And in 2015, these reasons are set to amplify ten-fold. The only problem is that social media data is a fairly complicated concept that is difficult to put into practice. A recent survey conducted revealed that 60% of organizations around the world aren’t comfortable with converting social data into actionable maneuvers. In 2015, social media marketers are all set to change gears and add one more feather to their cap – that of a social media analyst. This new title will allow digital marketers everywhere to use the data that they collect from their social media tools, analyze this social data and use it to determine business and marketing decisions. With social media data, digital marketers can boost the success of their marketing strategies by creating customer personas. It can also act as a cue to determine what language is used by prospects around a certain product.

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