Digital marketing has taken a big leap in the past few years in terms of technological advancement. From big data and analytics to content and email marketing, the exposure and outreach of Digital marketing concept has been through a big time makeover. Still, the concept is ever evolving and is now looking forward to some more advanced trends in the year coming. So while the trends are changing with every day coming in 2018, Let’s have a sneak peek into the implementation of the same in bigger prospects.

The Increased usage of Smartphone

Smartphones have taken over the Digital world and replaced the old faceted Desktops and laptops trends almost completely. People are now more prone to use their phones instead of big gadgets to look forward to their desired products or services. Almost everyone on this planet holds a Smartphone and with the decreasing prices of broadband and mobile internet services across the globe, Millions and billions of people can now access web at the comfort of their couch. This, on the other hand and put the brands and businesses into a red alert of making their marketing strategies accordingly and one thing can be said that whoever will serve the best to their customers as per their comfort zone, will go as an outright winner.

Incorporating marketing activities into the customer lifecycle

Marketing and digital marketing are two commonly associated strategies and with the growing advancement in the technological world, they are also becoming more and more multifaceted. Moreover techniques like customer journey mapping, customer personas and user experience is becoming really important in order to make your customers aware about different steps and processes in their marketing journey.

While there are tactics and techniques businesses are using to research and improve your customers journey like Personas, Segmentation, AB testing, surveys and Net promoter score, grabbing your customers' viewpoint doing imminent analysis has become relevant. The Businesses must look forward to it with their customer’s viewpoint to understand the whole perspective in a better manner.

Integrating the social messaging apps for your marketing tactics

Social messaging is in trend and has taken over the traditional ways of messaging a particular group or people over a period of time. They use the app’s interface and the internet to send messages rather than conventional method of SMS service. Messaging apps have gone popular amongst the global customer base and with its growing popularity, business and organizations should consider adding messenger apps to their marketing, advertising and public relations strategies as their potential and existing customers are spending more and more time on these apps opening the gate of opportunities for brands to showcase their products and services to a larger audience.

SEO and content marketing integration

SEO and content marketing are inter related concepts and while we can say that SEO requires content in the form of articles, copy, words, and keywords, the application of the same holds the key. Since content marketing is the process comprising the development of relevant content, it holds utmost relevance in the SEO strategies for businesses and brands. On the other hand there are Keywords which are a key constituent of SEO process, but you just can’t win the whole battle of Digital marketing alone with keywords. You need to exploit keywords with content that’s useful and of good quality instead of just putting them blindly into your related article or content. That’s where the search engines can deliver pertinent results to all the users who are looking for product or service related to your industry.

Micro Moments and Digital Marketing

Micro moments can be regarded to all those moments across the customer’s journey where they would go along and look forward for their desired products and services online. So it can be quoted that If a micro-moment has happened and you as a brand not there to engage with your consumer, then that consumer would go and act as per his own conscience and might end up going to your competitors who have been doing the same stuff which you were supposed to do all along the customer’s journey.

Pansexual Marketing

Pansexual marketing can be referred to an advertising campaign or strategy that focus toward promoting a product or service to a customer base irrespective of their gender and gender stereotypes; and with the rise in cultural awareness and acceptance of bisexuality globally , there are more gender neutral marketing campaigns about to come in the years coming by. According to many marketing gurus and experts, the relevance of pansexual marketing cannot be understated. The main purpose of this can be said as to break down the barriers between the gender and instead distinguish the consumers as individuals first before treating them as women and men.

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