Dil okullari can be found in many countries of the world. Some of these schools are situated in places where anyone would love to visit as a tourist. How would it be for you to go to school and still have a wonderful holiday at the same time?

This can be a definite possibility if you decide to attend one of the many yurtdisi dil okullari in one of many different countries to learn a new language, or perhaps to brush up your existing knowledge of a language.

Most of the best dil okullari offer good, high quality accommodation for their foreign students, or if they don’t have their own boarding facilities, they are normally only too happy to help students find a suitable and safe place to stay while they study.

When you take up yurtdisi dil kurslari in an overseas country, you will be able to see that country in quite a different way to what others do, who visit that country merely as tourists. For one thing, your language skills will be growing daily, and you will begin to understand the boards, street and shop signs.

In addition, as a student you will tend to spend a longer time in one place. This gives you more of an opportunity to experience the people and the place.

Tourists come and go fleetingly, and after they have left, most of them remember only a few of the major sights and monuments, and perhaps some of the brochure information. You, as a student, spend enough time to become immersed in the day to day lives of the inhabitants. You experience a lot of what they experience on a daily basis.

When you leave eventually, you go with a much deeper understanding of the people and the places you visited. You take with you a piece of their lives that they shared with you.

The teachers and staff at the dil okulu where you study will also be able to tell you what sights are worth visiting and what experiences in the area you should not miss. Some of the schools even take students on excursions themselves. These people have been in the area longer than you and have learned just what it likely to interest students from other countries.

When you ‘live’ with the inhabitants of a town or city, you get to know where the beauty spots are that most tourists miss. You find the little hidden away taverns or cafes that only the locals know about. You may visit little ‘off the beaten track’ towns and villages nearby, that tourists miss.

You may even be fortunate enough to visit these people who live in a different country in their own homes and experience a taste of the family life, customs and traditions of people you have never mixed with before.

Best of all, when you leave the country at the end of your dil kursu you may have forged friendships that can last a lifetime. These may be relationships or contacts with other students, from all over the world, who studied and spent time together.

Or it is very likely that you may meet up with people who live in the area of your dil okulu, and find you would like to stay in contact with them in the future.

Then, when you finally finish your dil kursu and return to your own country and back to your own home, as well as taking with you some wonderful memories, you could find that you have a whole lot of really good online social or business contacts from all over the world!

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