if you are to start a website or have a website and you want it to attract visitors to it, then you must find ways of marketing it to people. While there are lots of ways that you can do this in the internet world, one of the most effective is that of the web directory,another search engine optimization technique

Online directories are just like telephone directories which carry with them a some degree of benefit as people use these directories to find sites they are looking for just like telephone directories and other than rgetting traffic by these directories your search engine rankings to increase in addition to this your link building loks natural to search engines if you use other techniques too. With an online directory are very promising for getting your traffice.But their is not any guaranteed that every person who visits that directory will click on your site because their are many other sites too, but you can have a good chance that visitors will come to your website if you write eye catching titles

As a site that is listed in a directory, you have instant credibility in the eyes of these visitors, and as a result, you will see an increase in traffic, which will lead to an increase in revenue which can be through Google adds or increase in your sales. The rule of getting in to an online directory is different from directory to directory, but they usually have a few things in common. If you are submitting your Url first time remember that no one wants to advertise a site that is not going to present any value to its audience and it's overly promotional. A site that is used primarily as a marketing vessel will not last long because people do not come to the Internet to be marketed to. They come to the Internet for answers to questions. If your site can identify what the most pressing answers to those questions are, then you are well on your way to being seen as an authority in the field.

Remember, getting in to a reputable online directory like Dmoz which will increase your search engine positions too, but it is not something that you should rest your laurels upon. You should constantly be working hard to make your site the best that it can be by finding problems in your website and solving it and repeating the process. If you can accomplish this, then your time at the top will be a long and profitable one and you will feel a sense of achievement.

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