Physical mobility is absolutely necessary to carry out our day to day activities and functions. These include walking, running, free movement of hands and limbs etc. Sometimes an injury or old age or some kind of illness may reduce our mobility and bring about partial or complete loss of function of one or more parts of the body. Mobility issues may be permanent and last a lifetime or may be a temporary condition which can be effectively addressed by taking proper treatment such as physiotherapy, muscular exercises and other strength related activities.

The most common mobility disorders include musculoskeletal disabilities such as paralysis, injury to the spine, various kinds of arthritis, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy. At times, even cardiac and respiratory diseases may be a contributing factor to physical immobility. If you have been immobile for a period of 6 months or more, then you may also face a risk of bone loss leading to osteoporosis. With different kinds of mobility disabilities being diagnosed today, governments all over the world are extending help to their citizens by offering various kinds of disability tax credit benefits. An excellent example of this is the Canadian Government’s initiatives to give equal and fair standard of living for residents suffering from all kinds of disabilities including mobility related issues.

Mobility issues usually affect the body strength, weaken coordination of body parts and reduce your overall speed of doing things making you less agile. Some of these effects may or may not be visible. Some of the common consequences of immobility are inability to use the arms, hands and fingers or even incapacity to walk. Such issues often necessitate the use of wheelchairs, crutches or walking sticks. In severe cases, personal care for the patient in the form of attendants is also resorted to. In cases like cerebral palsy, the condition even affects the person’s speech, hearing and sight. Treatment includes physical therapy, rehabilitation and extensive exercise sessions to restore strength to muscles and bones. If you are suffering from such issues for a long period of time now, you stand a chance to obtain the tax related benefits offered by the Canadian Government which also helps ease the financial burden.

Unfortunately, not all are aware of the disability tax credit benefits offered by the Canadian government and even if they are, the claims process is quite complex. This is where the Canadian Disability Corporation comes into picture. The main aim of the corporation is to simplify the whole process and ensure that you get every penny that you deserve. So, if you suffer from mobility issues, contact us today for a free online assessment and our experts will help you get all the benefits.

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