Not including resume objective in your resume will not work in favor of you, and you may miss the train to the interview.
To use or not to use a resume objective in the resume is a topic of big discussion among youths always. There are certain reasons for which resume objectives are included in the resume. Everyone has their own view and understanding to write the objective. Thus there are disadvantages, more, for not including your objective statement in the resume.

The objective of your resume has to be eye catching as it is considered as the opening statement for your resume. If you don’t include it, there are lots of disadvantages to it, as it is one of the most important elements in the resume. Objective statements are mostly expected by the employer as it gives the gist of your resume, your intension to apply for this job etc. In a nutshell, it gives the employer a glimpse of your aim. Thus, objective statements have to be written carefully with language perfection, with correct use of grammar and punctuations.

If we say that there are many disadvantages for not including the resume objective; here they are:
• An employer may not read your resume, as nowadays it has become mandatory to include objective statement.
• It will show your casual attitude and just jotting down your details in the resume will not make sense. It has to be bit descriptive.
• An objective works like a summary for your resume. So many times, if the objective is well written, the employer may not even go ahead for details and simply shortlist you for the interview. Thus, including objective statement always works on positive side.
• From the employers’ point of view, it is important for them to know why you want to apply for the job, and why you are the best of all.
• Other important thing is, it also highlights your unique skills and thus, the employers also get to know about it in brief and it is written by keeping these things in mind, you will surely be called for the interview.

Before concluding, it should be noticed that the resume objective statements have become an important part of the resume, so they have to written carefully and included also.

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