Every one alive has the presence of love their lives. Love itself is uniquely different concept which describes it self as something that cannot be described while a person is restricted within the logical reasons. A man simply might love a woman because he frequently gets to meet her at the same location of social interaction such as restaurant, school, etc; On the other hand, another man loves a girl when he sees her at the first time known as “Love at First Sight”. This kind of love is defined as the purest form of all only if the feeling exercised by the two souls is real. Nevertheless, from the experiences of the love experts, this type of love has three disadvantages when it happens for real.

The first and the fore most disadvantages of this kind is lack of knowing her personality. If a man accidently falls in love with a woman at the first sight then it is a bitter truth that he does not even know a single quality possessed by her. He may just only love her because she might be beautiful, smart-looking and charming but it is important to realize that everybody has dark sides. There is a big possibility that her dark sides may make him disappointed. The referred dark sides are like crypto mania, lying behavior, drug addicts, etc.

Second disadvantage also hold a vital points of concern as since our child hood days, we heard a very sweet phrase that is called “puppy love”. This love is just temporary experience of feelings that is also defined as psychologically natural likeness for an opposite sex, and it influences someone a lot such as his habits when it is in its “active phase”. For example, if a man loves a woman, his love probably just lasts a month. After his love finishes, he will never attends the woman again. This “puppy love” is found usually at the age of 15 to 25, but there are possibilities that it can influence everyone who are in love.
The last and the most disadvantages are regarding the maturity of the two minds. The maturity of a person is also measured on a mental scale is from how he cherishes the already present love in his life. A man who loves at the first sight must frequently love different women while he is in other places. If a man likes to change lovers frequently, then he is an immature man even though he is 30 years old. There is a theory that says, “Love is complicated, so it needs maturity to understand it”, and it is 100% true.

In the end one thing is to bore in one mind that It is very important to keep aspects of rationality and careful when you think you start to love someone because “all is fair in love and war”, and it means that everything can happen. From the writing, it can be concluded that Love at the First Sight is also a challenge for those who are bored with true love.

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