I worked with a client recently who deeply desired to live her passion. A part of that success meant speaking in front of large audiences about beliefs that she was very passionate about. Unhealthy Food PlateHowever, every time in the days leading up to a speaking engagement, she would eat uncontrollably of the old “comfort foods.” Then by the time the event came around, she would feel bloated, sluggish and even feel physical pain in her stomach.

She recognized the binges came on with the speaking engagements, but she didn’t understand why . She loved speaking about her passions and she had no fear of large audiences. In fact, she gave great presentations time after time, each well received.

But why the uncontrollable behavior? The binging was causing weight gain, acne and physical pain. She was embarrassed of her appearance and felt it was holding her back from moving to her next level – how could she grow if she couldn’t look and feel her best with her audience? How could she really shine when she when so much of her energy was spent hiding pain?

She felt the binging pattern was caused by her Subconscious Saboteur – the one that held her back from realizing her dreams and visions. The one that tripped her up when she was trying her best.

We think of the Subconscious Saboteur as an evil thing – but is this really the truth? Is the Sub Sab the bad guy or is he just trying to help?

Super HeroSay for instance that you desire success, but you have internal voices that say success will be too overwhelming, too much work, you won’t be able to respond to the increasing demands – or maybe if your voice is really heard, you will be judged and persecuted for your beliefs.

Well, when that success draws closer to you, your Sub Sab is going to pop in and save you – “Don’t worry! I won’t allow you to get overwhelmed. I’ll keep you safe from judgment and persecution!”

The saboteur pops up to answer your internal cry for help – it is there to protect you. And can that show up as binge eating or physical pain in your body? You bet!

Your body is hard-wired for survival. The subconscious saboteur is only trying to protect you from a perceived threat. The part of you that is perceiving the threat resides in your subconscious – a hidden memory or emotion that somewhere along your life established a belief that a particular situation is not safe.

What keeps the Sub Sab in place? The subconscious – below the level of your consciousness – hidden from your sight. Once the subconscious comes to light, it is no longer sub. It is now conscious. When you have conscious awareness, you have choice.

When you have choice, you can choose to bring love and truth to the place inside that has been perceiving the threat. You can choose to mitigate the threat in another way.

Say for instance you recognize that you fear success because of the fear of overwhelm. When you recognize the fear of overwhelm, you can examine your options. For instance, what can you set in place for yourself to support you as you move forward so you do not become overwhelmed? When you have options, you have choice.

This is true for the deeper voices as well – the ones that tell you that you don’t deserve success or you might be persecuted for speaking your truth. When the Sub Sab brings these voices to light, it is just informing you of a place inside that is feeling unsafe and is in need of healing – and what is healing but the application of unconditional love and truth.

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