Discerning the Difference Between Intuition and Impulse

So,how do we know if the inner voice we’re listening to is actually our intuition and not something else, like a sudden impulse? It is a fascinating and important question to address on our journey through life. I personally feel that when we pay attention to that still small intuitive voice that attempts to guide us from moment to moment, we remain on our soul’s path with conscious intent and deliberate action. The challenge we face lies in determining what voice we’re listening to! It can be challenging to determine whether we’re receiving guidance or advice from our intuition/higher self or just the impulsive tendency that stems from our own logic or ego. It can be difficult to discern the difference if we know what signs to look for.

From my experience, impulsivity feels anxious and unsettling and it tends to create a false sense of need. It seem to stem from our ego, and our ego fears annihilation. Therefore, impulsivity kicks in because our ego fights for survival at all times. When we’re acting on impulse, we feel restless. The voice of the ego is usually critical, and it broadcasts loud and clear on the fear and anxiety channel! On some level it’s trying to protect us from embarrassments or failure. It has a job to do, it has its place, but it’s our responsibility to learn to recognize it for what it is. It operates from fear. It will only serves us to the extent that it’s trying to keep us safe. It’s looking to keep things secure in predictable patterns of the past. The ego assesses what is happening to us based on the limiting filters of our past experience and projected future scenarios that haven’t even yet happened. The ideas offered from the voice of the impulsive ego offers are usually just reactions to past that if feels could affect our future in negative ways.

Many people find comfort in listening to the ego voice, and logically speaking, it’s a valid way to go through life. It’s not out to hurt us, only to protect us and keep us comfortable in a routine. The ego doesn’t like change. While it seems like it has our best interest at heart, I don’t feel it leads us toward spiritual growth and awakening. Still, it serves its purpose. The voice of logic is the mental voice that uses past experience, probability with regard to outcomes, and reason to communicate ideas to us. It is based on knowledge and facts alone.

I like to think of our intuition, our inner voice that flows the deepest recesses of our being, as a silent, yet powerful blast of loving soul energy designed to guide us along our path. It can be likened to whispers from the soul. It is grounding and calming. It doesn’t judge and it would never harm anyone. I feel intuition stems from our higher self. Our intuition is there to guide us from moment to moment, to help us make decisions that will have a positive impact on our overall human experience, and direct us in ways that are most beneficial for our soul’s growth. Intuitive guidance and information seems to follow our life plan. Intuition always serves our well-being and development. Though it might not always feel easy or simple to trust and follow through with listening to our intuition, especially when it seems to lead us in a new direction which might requires change, intuition provides beautiful guidance that is soulfully supportive and spiritually wise.

I prefer to listen to my intuition over my logic and ego, but that is simply my personal choice. For each of us, it’s a question of how expansive we want our life’s path to be and how much we rely on things needing to remain the same. I feel that if we consciously opt for soul growth, we tend to listen to our intuition most often, and if we opt for a control or fear-based strategy (usually unconsciously) we probably prefer our ego and logic. There really is no right or wrong choice, just preferences. The best way to develop the ability to discern intuition, ego, and logic is with awareness and practice. When we learn to listen to the silence, to intuit whether or not something is best for us from a grander perspective, we naturally begin to make choices that serve to enhance the spiritual quality of our lives because it just is. It just feels right. We begin to intuit that a particular path allows us to follow the flow of our lives, while another path will throw us out of alignment.

When we find ourselves in the confusing swirl of inner messages, we always have the choice to center ourselves through meditation, deep breathing, or silence so that we will feel the difference among the messages. Once we are centered and our awareness is focused inward, we can interpret each of these messages slowly and clearly. When we become centered, our fear is reduced and we are able to truly discern the intuitive message. Whether it’s impulse we’ve recently acted on or intuition, vital soul lessons about each voice can be learned from both experiences. With each new choice and decision, action and outcome, we develop the ability to discern the difference. Essentially, intuition leaves us feeling calm and clear and leads us to greater sense of well-being. I feel that the more familiar and in tune we become with our intuitive voice, the less inclined we will be to act on impulse. It just feels better!

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