The origins of the practice and the word discipline are instilled into girls at their College.

Like in good lesbian books, as was being expounded.
“Discipline.” I repeat the word “Discipline.” Emily the Headmistress of Claire Clifton College for Girls was giving her once a week homily to the whole college in the assembly hall.
“Whilst I am quite aware that all of you recognise the importance we give to this word here at Clifton. We exercise a strict discipline in order to achieve a high level of academic learning. Lesbian romance writers when penning their lesbian romance stories often comment on discipline.

So, you all know the word as meaning punishment for misdemeanours; and may I add I do not know of any pupil that at some time has not tasted this first hand, and literally so as to speak.” She paused with a wry smile at her play on words.
“It is interesting because the origin of the word comes from the Latin word ‘Disciplina’ which means instruction. Disciplina is derived from the root discere that means to learn. Thus we have the disciples in the bible who were there under the instruction of Jesus, it is unlikely that they needed chastisement to learn.” Again, a wry smile.

“However over the years especially in the nunneries and monasteries, the recalcitrant pupils were punished for not giving the attention expected to their discipline. They were thus told that they would be disciplined, often very severely. This was then carried on in the emerging secular teaching establishments of today. When you hear the teaching staff say that it is ‘For you own good.’ They are referring that due application to your studies is for your own good. I am sure that no one in this assembly would disagree with this. I know it is the more modern use of the word that some of you have a problem with when it is administered. So please be positive in your studies and remember that disciplinary action here at Clifton is aimed at you mastering our College motto Mens vincit. The mind conquers, and for you to conquer or win in the world you will enter after here and possibly university, you will need an instructed mind. So! I say again the key word at Clifton is disciplina”.

The sun was just rising as the dorm stirred. Matty had lain awake since the early hours, mithering about this morning’s assembly. Feeling that her bed was a safe haven, she snuggled down pulling the covers over her head. If only this was in one of the lesbian romance stories created by lesbian romance writers, instead of being for real, Matty wished.

Assembly was always thirty minutes after the start of breakfast at eight. The time it took varied from only ten to twenty minutes. First lesson was one hour after breakfast started, so no time to dawdle over eating. For those who timed everything to the very last minute, they were called the Tenner’s. It left them only eight minutes at the most to wash and dress, then a two-minute dash to the dining hall. Matty broke all records, she sat down next Charlotte, out of breath, but feeling she had broken all records, seven minutes from bed to bench.

“That was a bit fine.” Charlotte commentated.
“I can’t believe I overslept, but I was awake very early.” “Well you made it and that is the most important result.” Charlotte remarked, squeezing Matty’s knee as a sign of support. Fifteen minutes later Charlotte, Tracy, Matty, Pat and Julie walked together to the hall. Charlotte and Pat flanking Matty as they took their seats.
The teaching staff filed onto the raised stage with Susan the Head of College, following.
There was a short pause, then Miss. Emily McIntosh principal of Clifton College walked on, as she walked to her chair the whole hall stood only sitting when Emily finally crossed the stage to sit down centre stage. The theatre common to many good lesbian books.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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