A friend of Charlotte is disciplined in front of the whole morning assembly of girls and teachers.

This was not one of those lesbian fairy tale stories, nor as this lesbian fiction online for her to be rescued like a lesbian Cinderella at the last moment.
The headmistress stood as she announced that her observation would be very short but in no way should The Assembly underestimate its value.

“There is a saying that whilst you should strive to improve everything you do, it is easier to improve those tasks that you do badly, but harder to improve those you find easier. I agree with the fundamental principle in this observation, but I would add that simply striving or doing your best at all times can bring you gratifying and often unexpected results. In short never give up on anything that you do, never believe that you can’t, maybe you underestimate your potential too easily,” Emily sat down.
Charlotte noticed her friend deep in thought.
“What are you thinking Matty?” She whispered.
“I have an idea of what I want to do before I leave the stage. You will see.” Was Matty’s soft reply.

Inwardly Charlotte groaned. What was her friend up to now she wondered? Matty could be both wilful and determined. The Assembly was definitely not the venue for amateur dramatics, no matter how well intended. Charlotte had definitely thought Matty had turned the corner judging by her behaviour since French yesterday, but now her remark pointed to a downward spiral; just looking at the determined glower on Matty’s face did nothing but confirm her anxiety.

Susan stood and walked to the side of the stage bringing back a chair which she placed sideways on to the hall, and centre stage, near to the footlights used in the College plays. There was an outburst of murmurings at seeing the chair. All but the newbies knowing all too well the significance.
“Quite in the hall, the next one speaking will get to use this chair!” Susan called out.
There was an immediate total silence; as two hundred and seventy-nine girls focused on the safety of their posteriors. Susan then went to the Principal who handed her a plimsoll, which Susan placed on the chair, she then resumed her seat.
Miss. Benson stood, walked to the side of the chair, holding Justin’s note in her hand, and announced.
“I have a newbie in my form, who has been reported by her Maths teacher as lazy and inattentive. I have decided on an Assembly Punishment, because she is more than capable and could redress her ways if she so chose. Let us hope that this public humiliation will be a lesson for her, and indeed a discouragement to any here who think that daydreaming is class is what your parents pay good money for. Will Matty Price please join me here.”

As Miss. Benson picked up the plimsoll and sat down, so Matty stood and sliding past other knees in the row made it to the gangway. It seemed like a mile to walk to the steps at the side of the stage, and then worst of all the fifteen paces across to Miss. Benson. Once there she stood facing Miss. Benson.
“Take off your knickers, and place them on my lap.” Matty lifted her skirt, gripped the elastic top of her school knickers and pulled them down her legs, stepping out of them, she then folded the regulation knickers before placing them on the proffered lap.
“Now bend over my lap, bottom towards the hall.” Matty complied. It was not that easy to bend over in front of the whole school and expose yourself. Much harder than even her prior imaginings.

She felt that her bottom was like a massive beacon drawing the attention of every eye in the hall; whilst that was very true, it seemed to Matty that the eyes were inches away, and not many feet. It still bore discernible stripes from Gertrude’s caning.
Her privates were to become college common knowledge and gossip. She reminded herself of the times her elder sister had ragged her about her body as it developed. At least now, for the first time in her life, she had some real friends. Though quite how Charlotte was one of her very best after what she had done to her the first night, was still a mystery that she did not want to question. Miss. Benson’s command brought her back to reality; this definitely was not lesbian fiction on line.

“Keep your hands at your sides, I do not want them anywhere near your bottom.” Matty did as she had planned and clasped her fingers under her tummy to help remove an unwanted reaction of her hands to the coming pain.
“Good girl.” Miss. Benson murmured softly when she saw this action of Matty.
Immediately the first. Thwack of the plimsoll. Jesus that hurt though Matty, right on Gertrude’s stripe. She gritted her teeth.
Thwack. She must think of something else.
Thwack. Her puppy that her mother had bought for her birthday.
Thwack. And had promised look after during term time. ’
Thwack. How many was that? She had lost count already. Shit. That one was stinging.
Thwack. Bloody hell! I am losing it as she felt tears forming way back.
She could not believe what she heard.
“Stand up, and you can rub your bottom now.” Standing and taking the offered knickers from Miss. Benson. Holding them in her hand she resisted touching her now definitely burning buttocks, she turned to her Form Mistress and said.
“Thank you for that chastisement, I deserved it; and I fully intend, though my diligence, to be deserving of at least one form prize this year.”
With that she bent down stepped into her knickers, and was still adjusting her skirt as she took the long walk back. But now it seemed shorter. The whole hall held its collective breath.

Not only was Matty clearly dry eyed, but no one had ever said anything after an Assembly punishment. So to admit to the correctness and at the same time of the event was, as some thought, in a way dangerously close to a challenge to her Form Mistress.
The whole scene was beyond any expectations or precedent. They wanted to cheer, or at least clap, but no one dared.
Thus a total silence prevailed.
As Matty sat down, Susan stood up. Looking at Matty she said.
“Matty I am sure the whole school wishes you well in you targets.” Then to everyone’s amazement and relief Susan started to clap.
The noise erupted like a pent-up volcano as the entire hall joined in, even some teachers.
Emily McIntosh smiled openly. Thinking, at least one girl here has listened to my homily on discipline.
“Stand for the College song.” Commanded Susan. They all stood as Susan began the first verse, like she did in lesbian fiction online.
Miss. Tilling who had not been amused at all; supporting on the piano. Maybe it had been a like being a lesbian Cinderella in one of those lesbian fairy tale stories after all.

Written by;
Kathleen Scotte

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I am an India based Author of several articles. His interests are diversified based upon the internet findings and research. He is an Arts Graduate with specialization in Current Online Trends.