There are no two options that dogs make excellent companions. However it is important that you provide the right kennel for your dog. While smaller dogs can be easily accommodated inside your house, large dogs need space and a well-equipped kennel can provide this.

Kennels should be safe and secure that protects the dog from adverse weather conditions. It should be warm in winter and cool in summer to make sure that your dog is comfortable inside the kennel at all weather conditions.

Dog houses could be expensive and in case you are on a budget, you can consider the option of cheap dog houses, which will allow you to buy your dog a cute house without having to leave a hole in your pockets. Online shops that deal with sparingly used dog houses or bargain sites like eBay are good choices to get started. Here you can find even unused dog houses in perfect conditions at dirty cheap rates. Village fairs or markets will have homemade dog houses, which will, be available for a fraction of the cost at the stores. These handmade dog houses are built to last and form a safe long term investment as well.

In case you have the patience, you can even make a dg house of your own. Buy a DIY book or instruction manual and make a dog house that bears the stamp of your creativity! The best thing is that you don’t need any special experience or equipments to make a dog house.

While scouting for cheap dog houses, bear in mind that not all cheap options will be good choices. Make sure that you look for more value for money deals and do not go exclusively by the low sticker prices alone. If you can build it yourself, you can ensure the best quality and aesthetic quality without spending a fortune.

One of the cheapest dog houses is the igloo house, which are fully insulated to keep the temperatures moderate. These are readily available and keep the rain out thanks to its slanted lip design. Igloo style dog houses are available in all sizes. A wood dog house is another option. Buying a wood dog house may cost more than you think. If you have carpentry skills you can follow plans and build a smart dog house of your own.

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Search online for discount dog houses where you can buy a dog house that suits your budget and needs. Most of the online pet shops also stock other accessories like dog car seat covers and dog beds among others.