Dear Friend,

… I’m sure you’ve heard that it is good to have a ‘Friendly Gossip’. Well I agree it is not unhealthy as long as you can be AWARE and identify early what kind of gossip you are having.

Is it just an innocent and healthy fun about a person with a touch of humour or damaging and irreversible lye, which creates suffering as a result?

… The DISTORTED TRUTH, especially when made damaging, demeaning and degrading, sticks to people, and so it is hard to turn it around.

Before you know it, the story starts to live the lie on its own. The damage can be devastating. The words are impossible to take back, the only control we have is to STOP saying them in the first place. Gossip can start with the smallest remark, as a snowball it can increase in size and have such an impact that can lead to personal or even political conflict, it can also lead to damaged health, relationships and lost lives. We know well from history how false accusations have created suffering to masses, and it all started from a gossip.

"Fire and swords are slow engines of destruction, compared to the tongue of a Gossip" ~ Richard Steele

… In today’s society magazines and newspapers thrive on gossip, when we read about celebrities, politicians, popular people we can get all the different details about their personal and intimate lives. So people accept it as a norm of life and forget the damage and suffering it can bring…

Gossip becomes as a habit and we don't even notice we are doing it! We get addicted to it… However as you may know – habits are there to be challenged and changed if we desire our inner peace and live our lives with joy ;)

Let’s look at the 2 Top Reasons to STOP the Gossip:

#1 Negative Impact of Gossip

We are 'social creatures' and friends are important part of our social life. When we have friendship based on mutual compassion and trust, it helps us to find a shelter in times of trouble or despair. It also makes us grow and thrive personally, be valued and accepted for who we really are. When we know we can share with our friend the darkest secrets, open our hearts and know for sure it will not be abused, passed on, and never shared with others it gives us inner peace.

It is important to open up to someone you can trust, as it helps to release negative suppressed energy, reduce stress, anxiety and depression. So when you are able to do that and know that your friend will love and support you after everything you share. You will feel safe, protected, and healthy with increased happiness and inner positive calm.

Now for the next week deepen your ability to be a TRUE friend. When you desire to have friends with ability to compassion and love, you better be able to posses those qualities first – as we all know how like attracts like.

The friends with the habit to gossip will vanish or change and in return you will have friends with similar qualities to yours. Be aware of a friend who likes to gossip about others in a degrading way, they might be addicted to gossip and will not be able to keep your secrets.

You have to remember some will not change. So they can’t be compassionate and have or develop the ability to respect the trust and keep friends secrets without judgments, criticisms and gossip.

When you start becoming aware of the ways you gossip or listening to gossip and agreeing with those stories, you will be able to change. It all starts with awareness.

#2 Negative Energy of Gossip

There is no way to find our inner peace when we feel the urge to gossip regularly and do it. When we connect to the negative energy of gossip, we act from emotions, irrational, unreasonable and so limit our ability to thrive and succeed.

When you grow spiritually and emotionally, the need to gossip falls away naturally. As when the ability to be compassionate increases, the demeaning intimate and personal details of someone else's life will not make us feel any better or smarter. It will not matter.

See the ways you can become a person of inner peace next week and stay above the crowd. It will help to clear your mind from toxic thoughts and give you the ability to see people for who they are rather than to see them from the perspective of others. Try to ignore the opinions you receive and start experiencing people as if you wouldn’t know them, without judgments and all the false appearances.

… It is OK to have fun with friends, make innocent jokes and remarks. It keeps us bonded and connected. However it is important to check the quality of the gossip.

There is only one question to ask: “Is this what I’m about to share in any way giving to or taking away from life?”

You are in control and you have a choice what to say, what to believe and not to believe in every time.

It all starts from WITHIN, when we increase awareness of what we say, even if it’s just a story we want to pass on, we also can stop the Gossip in its tracks.

It may require effort at first; I know it was not easy for me too, however from my experiences I know if you will want to be able to lead your life with HIGH energy and INNER PEACE, you will do whatever it takes to take your personal growth to a next higher level.

By stopping the gossip you will be able to uncover even greater qualities you already posses, and experience life from a higher perspective.

When you are positive, happy and at your core peace your success sores like never before, as you are supported from the Universe and in harmony with nature.

You will find a person of grace, intelligence, and wisdom in YOU. It is REAL YOU.

Let’s do this together.

Now is your turn, please share your thoughts, concerns or stories in the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you.:)

Author's Bio: 

Solvita Bennett at is sharing her wisdom with people from different backgrounds to find their Inner Peace and Happiness. With more than 20 years of study and practice of Personal Growth coupled with more than 10 years experience in professional teaching gives her the ability to share her ‘Secrets to Inner Peace’ in a Simple, Easy and Practical way.