People beginning to learn Chinese soon discover what a difficult language it is to grasp. This difficulty is compounded by Chinese letters which are so different to our own. Interestingly, the reason for this is that these are not in fact letters, but complete words. This is known as a 'logographic' system, as compared to our alphabet (where words are made up of a series of letters). For a long time, language students have regarded studying at a Chinese language school China the ultimate way to learn the language. It also allows students to explore the culture and history of a nation that is quickly becoming a modern industrial giant.

For students who have made the decision to enrol at a Chinese language school in China the question is, where do I start? China is home to many large cities, all of which boast formidable and reputable language schools. Websites including have been established to help navigate the ‘would be’ student towards the most suitable Chinese language school China. Obviously, other than learning the language, each individual is looking to gain something different from their trip to China, from checking out historical sights, to partying at the latest nightclubs. China can be regarded as a modern nation that truly caters to every taste.

As the capital, Beijing is on the must–see list for any visitor to China. Therefore it is worthwhile discussing Chinese Language school Beijing. As noted before, there are many websites that point the prospective student towards the most popular language schools across the country. Beijing is no different. has already been mentioned as an example of these websites. This website refers to Beijing's Language and Culture University as among the best. It is very interesting to realize that this university was originally founded to help native Chinese speakers to learn languages from around the world. As China becomes more and more exposed to the West this university increasingly assists international students who wish to learn Chinese. This is the reason why it is one of the most popular Chinese Language school Beijing.

It is important to consider what students should be looking for in a Chinese language school China. The following list includes some of the key features that any language school should be able to offer.

Firstly, trusted and reliable programs. Make sure that the language school you are considering is accredited with the Better Business Bureau. An 'A' rating is obviously only awarded to the best schools.

Second, for the majority of students finances can be an important issue. Look for a school that offers flexible programs that you can afford.

Last, experienced staff are a must. The expertise and local knowledge that experienced staff can provide is invaluable, both in terms of learning the language, and navigating your way through the city you live in.

Studying Chinese in a Chinese language school China need not be a daunting experience. Hopefully this article has provided prospective students with some pointers. Make sure you investigate your options thoroughly before making a final decision. By doing this you will get the most out of your visit to China.

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