There have been different views and opinions regarding the relation of the memory and the brain but actually, the big part of it still remains a conundrum. Science has been continuously providing us with more insights into the relation of this two. The professional experts in this field have considered memory as a process. They have added that when you remember something, you are actually recreating the occurrence from pieces of information kept in different parts of the brain. However, the question is what establishes the recreation? There were quite a few answers formulated by various researchers regarding this query. One thing for sure is that memory works with the help of the brain.

Many people are trying to look for ways in enriching their brain power, or so we call it mind power. Debates in comparison between brain and mind have been circling all over the place as few try to separate the two and others try to correlate them. Some provide a theory in the identity of the two as that the mind is reflecting to experiences that are just part of the brain processes but not absolutely connected with the brain processes. However, no matter how we look or analyze it, they both go along together that makes us fully aware of all things visible or not and provides us discernment. This is the reason why we thirst for more. The power of our brain makes our mind effective. This means that the more we fill our brains the more our minds improve.

When our brain power increases, the more we are able to function very well and effectively move forward in achieving our goals. For students, enriching their mind power help them perform efficiently in school and let them achieve more by getting high grades. For those career-oriented people, gaining more knowledge allows them to be the top in the job and to explore more in their horizons. Regardless of the reasons that everyone might have, it cannot be denied that increasing mind power is essential though not a lot of people know about it.

There are several ways on how you can increase the power of your brain. The fact is, which is really good is that you don't have to strain yourself so much to achieve it. Here are some positive ways to increase the functions of your mind.

Eating certain foods that can enhance your mental capacity right away. Chocolate for one is among the most recommended foods that are good for the brain. It is known to stimulate the brain and boost the flow of the blood that improves concentration and further the capabilities of a person's learning. The element that keeps the function of the brain is the folic acid. You can get this from foods like leafy vegetables, liver products, grain items, legumes and sunflower seeds. Keeping yourself mentally active like reading, playing games that make your mind work such as chess, puzzle, guessing game, vocabulary game and others. Taking memory enhancer tablets like sage oil that can contest your short-term memory as well as enhances your word recall. Some herbal products like Ginko Biloba can also help in boosting up the functions of the memory and the brain.

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