10 days without food seemed impossible to me at first. I told myself how could I possible do that?

This was the first time, since birth, that I was going to attempt to live a normal life yet not eat for 10 days.

Why am I doing this?

I decided it would be great to clean my body as we are starting the new year and health body means a healthy and great life.

Under the advice from my health mentor I set about on day 1 of my cleanse.

All seemed fairly easy. I had my water, lemon, cayenne pepper and maple syrup drink to keep me happy and it appeared to be easy for me.

Day 2 I had coffee withdrawal symptoms (I drink a lot of coffee) and spent the whole day with a massive headache, but I was determined to try this and kept going.

Day 3 and 4 was a major mind fight.

My body was telling me "feed me or we are going to die! I need food! I'm hungry, your starving me!" and other such words. It never shut up. All day my body and mind fighting what I was doing.

I just kept telling it, "Do not worry, I am cleaning you and it will be for the greater good!"

But I really wanted to eat. I wanted to give up. Even though I knew that what I was doing was really good for me, I really wanted to go back to my old eating habits and just stay unhealthy.

But by day 5, my body surrendered, my mind shut up and now on day 10 and 10 kilos less, I know it was really worth the effort.

Mind Shut Up!

As a mentor to entrepreneurs, I often see students struggling to get their dreams and goals and for the first time in my life, I really saw first hand the struggle some of us have when we attempt to let go of the old.

It was the strangest feeling, I knew that what I was doing was good for me, but I was so addicted to the feelings and sensations that I was used to from eating that I almost quit.

My body and mind, had never experienced this before and were scared that they would die. We have been taught all our lives that we need food all the time to survive!

I discovered that we do not need to eat to stay alive for short periods.

My mind and body finally accepted it after a few days and then actually helped me during the cleanse by shutting up and letting me get on with it.

I was addicted to the new joy of seeing the weight falling off me.

I was addicted to the new sensation I got when people told me I looked much better.

I was addicted to the new sensation of feeling lighter, feeling cleaner and being able to get my trousers on again!

I loved this new feeling and it made me feel good.

My Master Cleanse Discovery

I discovered (at least for me) that one of the easiest ways to break free from the old addictions, is to setup a system of rewards along the way.

Each morning I would be inspired, when I got on the scales and saw another kilo less.

Each day people told me I looked great and it made me feel better.

I saved a fortune in eating out! My eating bill went down from $200 a week to about $15 for the whole 10 days!

How My Discovery Helped Me Get My Goals

With this new insight into how my mind works, as I plan my future goals, I will not only include rewards in the goal steps, but I will include them from day 1.

I found that being rewarded at the early stages, made me forget the initial pain I was going through and many a time did I think of the short term pain of discipline against the long term benefits of what I was doing.

If you are starting out as an entrepreneur, starting out on the road to creating and building wealth, it may be painful to leave behind some of the old work habits and spending habits.

As you start the process, reward yourself along the way and enjoy the new sensations and let these new wonderful feelings replace the old sensations that we used to enjoy!

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Tim Bennett is a motivator for entrepreneurs and start up businesses and shares his experiences and knowledge to inspire and help others accelerate success.

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