As a long time sufferer of the pains associated with abdominal bloating, flatulence and other IBS symptoms, I felt compelled to share my discoveries of one of the most common and problematic health conditions, after I had cured my gas problems a little while back. The lack of sleep was really affecting my health, because of digestive system problems like a bloated stomach, gas and abdominal pain at night times was so unbearable, that it hurtled me to a point where I simply could not take any more.

If you've read the articles on my natural health website about what causes a bloated stomach and gas, you'll know that when I first tried to rectify my discomfort and digestive system symptoms, I tried various combinations of food types, but still could not put an end to my excess gas and bloating.

I reached 'threshold' as they say. A point where something must absolutely change, either with my diet, my current lifestyle - or both. So that I could live (and sleep) in comfort and not have to disappear to the bathroom every twenty minutes, while I was watching an evening movie with my partner!

And if I could give you just one idea of how to approach your farting problem right now, it would be to quit eating starchy foods such as pasta, potatoes and rice. This was the first my discovery, and purely by accident. Around the same time I decided that I also wanted to a lose a little weight and so I cut down my carbohydrate intake.

This had a huge impact on how big my stomach was, and how much gas I produced. But it did not solve my symptoms completely. So I delved further into my research and found answers, which I have shared with you on this blog.

So What Causes Excess Flatulence? We all experience gas. It is part of our bodies normal functionality and biological process. It is as common as perspiration, watering eyes and breathing. Men break on average, anywhere up to twenty five times per day and women, twelve times.

While I was 'surfing' for answers, I found a case study in the American Journal of Gastroenterology which suggested one particular patients excessive flatulence was actually caused by swallowing too much air and not by undigested food in his digestive system. I think this is testament to the fact, that as important as it is to eat a healthy diet to help your digestive system functions, you should also be aware that carbonated drinks, eating too quickly and chewing gum also cause a huge amount of wind in your stomach.

However, in most cases the culprit of excess intestinal gas is undigested food. Your body works like this. The fats you eat (found in meats, oily foods and processed foods) must be broken down into fatty acids. Proteins (found in meats, eggs, fish etc) need to be broken down into amino acids. And for the body to get it energy source, carbohydrates must be broken down into glucose

When these foods are not broken down properly and used effectively, it ferments in the large colon when it meets up with your bodies natural intestinal bacteria. This is when intestinal gases are formed. They are made up of carbon-dioxide, hydrogen, methane and sulfur. It is the sulfur which causes the awful, lingering odor we produce when we pass wind.

There are several digestive system disorders which are associated with excessive flatus, including irritable bowel syndrome and constipation. The former will usually be diagnosed by a doctor. In fact, thinking back to when I was twenty one I had major issues with my digestive system.

From one day to the next, I did not know if I was going to have diarrhea or if I was going to be constipated. The doctor put me on sachets of ispaghula husks and mebeverine hydrochloride. They were disgusting to taste and actually made my problem worse - I constantly had diarrhea. After a couple of blood tests, it was determined that I'd had a kind of stomach virus and not IBS.

How Can You Cure Your Own Excess Flatulence Symptoms? Whilst there are numerous over-the-counter medications, home remedies and books on the functions of the digestive system available to buy, try first looking at your current lifestyle habits and of course, a huge part of that is your diet. Taking regular exercise and eating a proper diet is fundamental to living a healthy lifestyle.

As you've already read in this article, I happened on one remedy by chance, so try cutting down on your carbohydrate intake (particularly if you suffer with constipation). Then try cutting vegetables out of your diet one by one. Is there one veggie in particular that you eat a lot of which could be causing your symptoms? Maybe beans, cabbage or broccoli? And sound advice would be to always chew your food properly, making sure you don't swallow too much air.

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Andy is a health nut with a huge interest in the natural wealth that mother earth has to offer us in the way of vitamins and other nutrients. His website Natural Tummy Health highlights the fruits and vegetables where every essential nutrient can be obtained.