Does it ever feel like your relationship has fizzled? Do you miss that intimate connection and bond you and your husband used to have? Does it feel like you guys are a million miles apart even though you are sitting right next to each other? If this is something that resonates with you, here are a few things to keep in mind when you're feeling this way in your marriage.In long-term relationships and marriages, growing distance between two couples is a common occurrence. It can be very heartbreaking to think your relationship is losing it's spark and constantly questioning whether or not you and your partner belong together.

All relationships will have it's up and down as well as plateaus. Life is pretty similar to a roller coaster ride. Although not as fast and nauseating but when life is going well the only place it can go from there is down and then back up and so forth. The same thing happens with relationships. Relationships go through a cycle, not every relationship goes through these stages in this order.

In a beginning of a relationship, everything is fresh and exciting. This is called the "Honeymoon" phase and it can last between a few months to 2-3 years (it varies with each couple.) This phase is very exciting, passionate and romantic ally blissful. Eventually after being together for quite a while, you and your partner will begin to see details about each other that you may not have seen in the beginning of the relationship. This is a phase when your relationship becomes deeper on a more intimate level.

At this point, you guys may or may not be living together but when you guys share personal space, that's when you start seeing certain habits you haven't noticed before and may have conflicts that may shatter your faith in your relationship. Also at this point you guys begin to make stage-changing decisions together like buying a car, house. sharing bank accounts or getting married.

This is where many women or men begin to question their relationship. At this point, your relationship is a stark contrast to the exciting and fresh honeymoon phase. You know you love your spouse, but you wonder why it's your relationship is not as easy as it used to be. That's because you guys are going through a different phase in your relationship that will require effort and work to cultivate your love.

This is where you and your spouse are going to have to find an effective way to deal with conflicts, deal with your differences and strengthen your marriage. At this stage, your relationship may get a little more challenging to keep together. You and your partner fight a little more and your relationship may go through a turbulence of mix emotions. This is when you wonder whether or not you and your spouse should be together.

This is hardest stage because it's so different to marital bliss that you had in the beginning stages of your relationship. This is when many marriages fail. Unless you can find a better way to dealing with conflicts and stressful situations. Couples that make it through this stage comes out stronger than ever. They've developed skills to better communicate, compromise and resolve conflicts.

If you and your spouse can't find effective ways to deal with conflicts, communicate your emotions and feelings your relationship will never grow and reach its full potential. Another thing that builds up resentment in your relationship is when you begin to see your compromises as sacrifices. It's imperative that you're satisfied with the decisions you guys make as a couple.

These are just some important things to keep in mind when you begin to wonder why your relationship is not the same as it used to be. Marriages go through several stages and cycles. What you're feeling is very normal and it doesn't mean you've fallen out of love with your spouse and that your marriage is headed for trouble. It just means that you and your spouse are going through a certain phase that will give your relationship an opportunity to grow and reach it's full potential.

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