Manifesting, or "making real," refers to the process of making dreams or desires come true. It means giving a real, physical manifestation to something what was once thought about, imagined, or desired. It is giving life or reality to a thought, wish or aspiration.

Manifesting is not a fanciful or magical process that only fools believe in, or which happens only in movies or fantasy stories. It has been proven by countless people to produce real results. It has brought wealth, success and power to men and women who used manifesting secrets to make their dreams come true.

A lot of progressive-thinking people have opened up to the once revolutionary idea that the mind has immense powers, and that it can create anything that it can conceive or imagine. Because of this more liberated attitude, "secrets" and principles that were once considered esoteric or arcane have come out in the open. They are discussed in books, talk shows, online forums, coffee shops-practically anywhere where a conversation on how to make dreams come true can take place.

One idea that has gained popularity is the Law of Attraction. This law is one of the more popular manifesting secrets that have captured people's interest, owing in part to the fact that well-known celebrities espouse it or claim to be practicing it.

The Law of Attraction simply states that whatever a person thinks of most of the time, whether good or bad, will come true. Thoughts are like magnets like "attract" certain things or events to come into the life of the person who thinks them. A person who often thinks he is inferior, inept or unlucky will attract misfortune, accidents and adversity in his life. A person who habitually thinks that he is blessed and happy, and that life is wonderful, will live a life full of joy, laughter and good fortune. In other words, pessimists attract bad things, while optimists attract good things into their lives. What a person fills his mind with, he attracts into his reality. He manifests his constant thoughts.

The trick then, for everyone who wishes his dreams to come true, is to train his mind to think thoughts that attract the reality which corresponds to his dreams. For instance, if he wishes to be rich, he must think rich. He must visualize his dream-of having lots of money, luxurious possessions, big houses, vacations in places where the rich and famous go, and so on-and firmly believe it can come true. He must believe without any doubt, and have faith that sooner or later, his desires will be manifested.

There are specific techniques in manifesting secrets, and among the most widely known and practiced is the technique of affirmation. This involves repeating positive affirmations such as "I am happy," or "I am healthy and beautiful," again and again, day after day. When the thought is held often in one's mind, it becomes true and real, sooner or later. The physical reality follows and adapts to what the mental part of us "creates" or "commands." We must then be very careful of what we affirm daily. A lot of people, without consciously being aware of it, have developed the habit of making negative affirmations like "I can't do it," or "It is too good to be true."

Everyone should have a positive attitude and be optimistic. This opens the door for good things to come into our lives, and for our dreams and desires to be manifested in the physical world.

You will be truly amazed with how your life will change if you're prepared to implement and practice these age old success principles and manifesting secrets.

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