If you are in business then you need to sell and market products and this means keeping on top of your sales techniques to help close more sales faster. You should continually be asking, why are people buying from company X instead of us and continue to refine your process.The best businesses in the world are constantly on the lookout for breakthrough sales techniques and strategies to take more business away from their competitors and increase their profit share.

Do you need to have unique talents to be a top salesperson nowadays?

There is a common misconception that selling is a natural skill which you are either born with or you are not. This could not be further from the truth. It is certainly a fact that some people seem to have a natural talent for sales, but selling involves a set of skills and sales techniques that are continually learned and revised, as customer habits change and the business world changes with it.

There are actually a number of basic sales techniques which have been around for a long time, and yet which many professional sales people do not seem to have grasped. One of these is that people buy what they want, not what they need. The decision to buy is triggered by desires and emotions, not by logic as the logic comes in later, to justify the purchase. So successful sales techniques will concentrate on emotional triggers rather than the features of the product you are providing them.

It’s true...people buy from people they like

Another is that customers buy from people they like, so it is essential to establish an empathy with the customer. In fact, sales techniques are basically about understanding the customer, and getting the customer to say Yes. The Yes principle is very important. Ask an innocent question at the beginning, to which the customer is bound to answer Yes, and this really does get the customer into the Yes frame of mind. For example, if you are selling a phone, you could ask if the customer thinks good communication is important. This is one of the most useful sales techniques. Above all, remember that the customer does not like being sold to. Successful sales techniques ensure customers do not feel they are being sold to, but that it is they who are making the decision to buy.

In other words, it is becoming increasingly clear that successful sales techniques are more about focusing on the customer than focusing on the sales person. Businesses in Australia that have seen the most success in improving their profit margin have been concentrating on customer psychology and on getting inside the customer’s mind. At the very core of all your communication you want to be able to know what is your customer’s desire for gain or their fear of loss. Those two elements alone will enable you to successfully structure your technique to truly get into your customer’s mind.

Getting your prospect to Yes as soon as possible

At present all across Australia, there has been a big increase in the number of business professionals attending sales workshops, concentrating on reasons why the customer says No, and how to overcome these reasons. Sales selling skills are about getting the customer to say Yes and asking the right questions, understanding the customer’s needs, engaging a customer’s emotional response, and getting to the customer’s real motivation to buy.

Practically every business in the world depends on sales techniques to compete in the market. Developing and improving sales techniques and focusing on the Yes principle, will certainly ensure that your business can increase its market share. In addition, however, it will bring substantial personal benefits to sales staff in the form of greater motivation, increased self confidence, larger commissions cheques and more positive attitudes. Creating an environment in which your sales staff can succeed is the ultimate win-win-win situation allowing the customer, sales person and the actual company to win as well.

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