Long ago, it was really painless to create a great deal of fast sales from just advertising on Craigslist nationwide. Sadly, the classified ad company cracked down on marketing in multiple cities. Now, companies need money to hire ad agencies otherwise they acquire high-priced software tools, PVA's, and proxies to have their advertisements distributed countrywide. However, this is illegitimate and could even result in you receiving a lawsuit filed against you. Don't fret. If you didn't know already, there is still a good strategy to advertise on Craigslist nationwide without breaching a few of their rules or without needing to carry out any of the marketing on your own.

For those who set this strategy up correctly, your ads will get promoted automatically all over the country without you having to lift a finger to do it yourself or having to pay another person to execute it without knowing if it will sell or not.

Step 1 - Offer Commissions On Your Products or Services

Here is where you can make use of your friends. Purchase an effective affiliate management program for your website to be able to track your affiliate sales and adequately compensate people who help you sell your products.

Step 2- Promote your Craigslist Referral Program on Your Website And Prepare Premade Templates

If you own a site, you can have a member sign up page that goes into detail about how you are looking for Craigslist sellers & give them a 50% cut (for example) on each product you sell. You can have basic ads or templates advertising your product that your affiliates can use to post on Craigslist several times a day for you.

Step 3 - Tell others That You’re Looking for Agents

Article marketing has become the single most reliable technique for recruiting partners. Done right you will be able to increase your affiliate base by just having a number of articles appropriately positioned on article networks so that the search engines can pick them up. You make it work by broadcasting a set number of articles inviting readers to partner with you. Once you've them registered they can instantly start employing your ads or templates to advertise on Craigslist for you. You can even offer a bit of guidance to help them get going the right way.

To gain more exposure and recruit more affiliates you will want to distribute as much articles as you possibly can. By working together with affiliates you reduce the chances of being flagged by Craigslist competitors and having your account suspended. Now that you are going the legitimate route you'll generate a lifetime of automatic exposure.

The only difficulty here is that it will take time to create the level of quality articles required to build your recruits. Furthermore do not use these strategies if you're trying to advertise affiliate services and items in the employee sections in an effort to con others who may be earnestly in search of gainful employment. This is dishonest and Craigslist will prohibit your account for this. If you are going about this for honest reasons you will see the results of your hard work pay off in the end.

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