Creating your own gifts for people has always been deeply satisfying, due mainly to the delight with which such items tend to be received. In the past, the craftsmanship required has limited the options available to most people, but digital technology now means that absolutely anyone can create truly unique items such as personalised photo calendars.

Choosing a gift to give to your Dad on Father’s day is a chance to let him know how much he means to you, and that you appreciate everything that he’s done for you. For that reason it’s worth taking the time to find something genuinely special rather than opting for the tried and tested items such as aftershave, socks or book tokens. Seeking out something a little bit different, which has been especially chosen with your Dad’s tastes and preferences in mind, will underline just how much you care for him. It’s for all these reasons that the very best Father’s day gift ideas are those which you have some hand in creating yourself. In years gone by, only those with extensive skill in arts and crafts could hope to produce something which, as well as being personal, would be of the same quality as the equivalent available in retail outlets. Being able to cook excellent food or paint and craft objects of beauty meant that making gifts to give to people was simple, but anyone who lacked these skills would also lack the confidence to create the gifts. Thanks to the advent of digital technology, this situation has changed completely.

The flexibility of the images which you capture using your digital camera or other device is such that, once stored, they can be used to create a huge range of items to give as gifts. The most stunning images in your collection can be used to create beautiful canvas prints of a standard usually seen on the walls of galleries or art shops. When creating a gift for your Dad, for example, start the process by simply selecting an image which you’re certain he would love to see reproduced as a work of art. It might be a shot of his children, a full sized family portrait or an artistic image of a favourite place. Whatever it is, you just have to upload it to the relevant website and then use the software to design a work of art. Everything has been set up with ease of use in mind, so that the software moves forward through logical steps requiring no prior knowledge or experience. The resulting work of art will be printed on top quality canvas and mounted onto a strong wooden frame, and will gladden the heart of any Father lucky enough to receive it.

The same simple process can be used to design other gifts and one off items. Twelve or more pictures, for example, can be used to design a bespoke photo calendar and, since you can customise the month in which it starts, giving it to your Dad in June will be no problem. Whether you opt for a work of art, a practical wall calendar or your every own photo greeting cards, you’ll be letting your Dad know just how much you care about him.

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Personalised photo calendar and canvas print are just two of the incredible number of gifts you can design using your very own photographs. No matter which you choose, you’ll be handing over something which is both personal and unique whilst still being put together to the highest professional standards.