Acai, Mangosteen, Goji. It seems like we can’t get enough of all those juices that are promising us to lose weight and have healthy skin. While the Acai berry is most noted for its power to lose weight, it’s not the only superfruit on the block that holds a lot of weight. There are other superfruits that do a mighty job in promoting great health. Read this article to discover the superfruits that are essential to your health.

Goji- Originating from the Himalayas, this alkaline berry has been known to boost the immune system, fight fatigue, and is a powerful antioxidant that stops free radicals from forming. It’s no secret that Goji Berry has an impressive track record of many health benefits including:
• Regulates weight
• Regulates blood sugar
• Relives headaches
• Helps Eliminate Insomnia

Luo Han Gao- Is a popular fruit in southern china known for its longevity powers. This sweet tasting superfruit has been used for treating cough and sore throat. Surprisingly, this superfruit has a low glycemic index. This way it helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Many people are starting to use it as a natural sweetener and its diabetic safe. Some of the health benefits include:

• Helps Constipation Relief
• Soothes Sore throat
• High Level of Antioxidants
• Promotes long life

Amalaki- This superfruit is made from the Indian Gooseberry & used by many ayurvedic practitioners. Amalaki is praised for improving the digestive system. It is also associated with:
• Strengthening Bones
• Increases Lean Body Mass
• Stimulating Hair and Nail Growth

Camu- Camu- Right out of the Amazon Rain Forests of Peru, this amino-acid packed superfruit is known for its amazing ability to strengthen the immune system. Some of the other healing benefits this superfruit can provide:
• Mood Support
• Anti-Viral Properties
• Maintains Healthy Gums
• Boosts Energy
• Has one of the highest levels of Vitamin C

Pomegranate- Originating from the Middle East, often quoted as “The Miracle Fruit”, pomegranate has a myriad of health benefits. Despite the fact of its super antioxidant powers, this superfruit has been known to:

•Reduce the risk of heart attack
•Boosts your Immune System
•Helps Prevent Pre-mature aging (wrinkles)
•Reduces the risk of a variety of degenerative diseases associated with the elderly
May have the ability to reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Mangosteen- This citrus tasting fruit is believed to be indigenous to Indonesia. With its peachy like texture, and flavor, mangosteen is a popular superfruit that is praised by many. And for good reason, it has a list of endless benefits that are essential to great health. It’s no secret that this sweet and tangy fruit is a great energy booster, but did you know other benefits include:
• Lowers bad cholesterol levels
• Helps reduce inflammation in joints
• Helps maintain a healthy weight
• Helps preserve bone mass
• Great for eye health (prevents cataracts & glaucoma)
• Helps regulate blood sugar

All these fruits are tasty and high in antioxidants; however, it may be hard to get some of these superfruits. The superfruits may not be grown in your area, and some local farmers and grocers may choose not to offer these fruits at certain times of the year. That’s why a lot of health and wellness companies are committed to making sure you get a sufficient supply of these powerful antioxidants. Even though some of these fruits can be extracted to tea or powder form, it doesn’t mean it loses its antioxidant value. In fact, there are some companies that are discovering new ways to fortify foods with zero point energy. By doing so, this helps your body turn on its own healing power and work just as good as the superfruits to protect you from free radicals and disease.

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