Have you ever felt like you are ahead of the money game when you choose not to use reliable recruitment services for recruiting employees for your organization? Maybe you wonder why involving a third party in the situation and pay a fee. But, you might have never realized that how it badly impacts on your costs involved when your chosen employee fails to deliver.

The number of involved costs of a failed recruitment may vary. In general, it costs around $7,000 to find a replacement of a paid employee and $9,000 to $10,000 to replace a mid-level employee. Costs for replacing a senior executive are even higher and can vary from 40,000 to 50,000 depending on the kind of industry.

According to the Labor Department of United States, the average costs of a bad recruit is 30% equal to an organization’s potential revenue in the first year. Other studies reveal that replacing managerial, mechanical, and administration recruits can cost an organization from fifty to several hundred percent of the individual’s wage. These results are based on an employee whose annual income is $40,000 without relocation expenses.

As mentioned earlier, costs of a bad recruit vary from business to business and role to role. There are costs that are directly involved with a process and can be measured without any difficulty. These include salary and other benefits of an employee. Indirect costs, on the other hand, are difficult to assess such as loss of production, loss of valuable time from other managers involved in the selection process, and time and resources spent in training of the bad hire.

In the above scenario, hiring a reliable recruiting agency should not be considered as an unnecessary expense. In fact, it could turn out to be the best decision to contribute to your company’s productivity. Professional recruiters can help you avoid wasting money on a bad recruit by utilizing their filed knowledge & proficiency, and access to the best talent in your specific industry. Professional recruiters can help you locate and attract these talented individuals even if they are already working in their current positions. By the time, they turn out to be good recruits and so give you a return on your money through their performance and productivity.

In addition, a hiring reliable recruitment agency enables you to regain all of your time that you spent in the recruitment process and performing various related jobs. They write an attractive job advertisement on your behalf and place it on both local and online job portals. Other tasks like receiving and reviewing job applications and resumes, shortlisting candidates, scheduling interviews, performing background checks and reference verifications, and extending a suitable offer are carefully done by their team of experts. This way they not only save you on time spent in the abovementioned tasks but also save you from paying the costs that are lost because of salary, benefits, orientation, and training of a bad hire.

In short, using a reliable recruitment firm saves you money and helps you increase the productivity for a revenue loss. Scope Recruiting is one of those reliable recruiting services that improve your chances of getting a return on your investment and increasing profits for your business in the long run through recruiting the best performers. If it sounds good, visit https://www.scoperecruiting.com/ , to contact the experts.

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