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The Tesla Generator's official website says:

Tesla Magic formula goes to upset a number of, however it’s effectively really worth it. Soon after years of suppression, a leaked record in the Tesla folder has produced it into a handful of underground technology labs. But rather then maintaining the know-how for on their own this group of secretive scientists have developed a stage by step Tesla Secret handbook that Anybody can use to construct his unique Tesla Generator and tap into an pretty much infinite supply of energy

The Tesla Generator is primarily based upon the totally free energy system that was created by Nicola Tesla in 1934. Tesla announced on the entire world that he experienced “harnessed the cosmic rays and caused them to function a motive gadget”

What Nikola Tesla desired to perform was to in fact create a machine that will make it possible for people to crank out and transmit cost-free electrical energy from one level to a different with out by using any wires in in between.

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