This article focuses on describing the factors that you need to keep in mind for purchasing the right type of industrial bar stools for your commercial space.

When you search for furniture items in the market, you will get a number of choices. It is important to pick the most suitable one such as industrial stools and chairs that offer adequate seating arrangements to guests. Obviously, there are certain considerations to keep in mind to offer them comfort once they enter your place.

The very first thing would be the height of bar stools. This is because no one wants to lean over the table to have their meals or they even don’t want to eat with the food level. It must be standard to ensure comfort in enjoying their meals and drinks.

Before you go ahead to identify other factors, it is important to know the difference between counter and bar stools. The former comes with a greater seat height because the countertop height is high. In short, these stools are taller than the latter.

Experts say that standard counter stool seat height is between 28 to 32 inches from the floor whereas bar stool seat height is between 24 to 26 inches. Also, you must know that the seat height of these stools must be 8 – 10 inches lower than counter and bar top heights.

Here Are the Top Factors to Consider for Buying Right Bar Stools

• Style

Fortunately, these stools come in a range of style options. It depends on the theme of your restaurant cum bar to pick a style. It can also be your personal taste to highlight your standard in front of your guests. Just remember that stools with larger seats and backs are always a better option when you want to offer greater comfort to your guests.

• Back Support

To let the visitors sit for long hours and enjoy their drinks, there is a need for buying stools with back support. It comes in two different forms. You can find them with low and high back support. Consider how you want to treat your guests as well as your budget to make a wise decision. Did you know? You can even find backless bar stools in the market.

• Features

Some important features must be considered to choose these stools. One of the most popular features is swivel. It helps users to turn around the seat on the top of base without changing their sitting position. This function is lovely to have when you want to allow the visitors to take a sip of a drink and communicate with their friends by taking turns conveniently.

• Price

The price of these stools depends on a number of things. It includes back support, footrest, swivel, material, and style. Once you finalise them, you will get the final price of products. If you want to save on total expense, you can consider creating a mix-and-match restaurant. It allows you to offer choices to your guests as well as you will get hold of different types of stools.

Final Thoughts

It is a great idea to open a restaurant cum bar to serve people. For the convenience of your guests and to let them visit your place again, you have to consider the basics for buying quality industrial stools and chairs. The best thing is that this furniture item is so versatile. You can even use them for setting up the dining space with the purchase of required bar tables.

So, don’t waste your time thinking and pick the right furniture store to get your products.

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The author has a good knowledge of setting up restaurants by using industrial stools and other types of chairs. He also spends time writing posts on the importance of restaurant furniture items in attracting and holding guests.