What goal have you set for yourself? How big is your vision? Do you daydream, seeing yourself having successfully reached your goal?

I have good news for you. If you can dream about being at the top, then it is possible. Really. No, I am not talking about hocus pocus or voodoo magic. What I am talking about is the power of your mind, your convictions. Determine how committed you are to doing anything necessary to turn your dream into a reality.

Setbacks happen. Things do not always go as planned. You feel like it is never going to happen. Maybe you get to a mile marker and then progress comes to a standstill. Viewing these as failures only keeps you stuck. You remain in a breakdown, becoming even more aware of all the things which are not working well. Fear, doubt, worry and overwhelm set in.

Adopt a new outlook. A breakdown always occurs prior to a breakthrough. Once you understand the process, the breakdown before the breakthrough, your perspective changes. Instead of losing confidence, begin to view this as one more challenge to overcome as you are taking steps toward building your business to the level of success you dream about. The breakdown tests your commitment to your vision.

Continue to take action, remaining connected to your vision. Assess your thoughts, values and actions aligning them with your goal. Next will be the breakthrough. Breakthroughs are powerful. With conviction, intention and faith you can make the jump to the next level of success in your business taking you one step closer to your ideal goal.

Entrepreneurs get stopped right before a BIG breakthrough. They are unable to see how to make it all happen. Needing to be in control over everything is a game-stopper. When you are unable to see how to make it work, you give up. Progress comes to a complete halt.

Your ego craves control. It focuses on how you are going to reach your goal, demanding to know each step along the way. Ego feeds off this information.

Ego is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It appears to be based upon logic, the desire to know how something is going to happen. Details, details, details.

Too much control actually holds you back, preventing you from taking big leaps toward success. Becoming bogged down in the details delays taking decisive action. Ego is fear-based. Although it appears logical to have all the action steps available to you right now, it is not possible to know what the next step is until you have reached that point in time.

Your ego would rather stay within its comfort zone where everything is predictable. It is a very safe place to be. This mindset, however, will keep you stuck, resisting change. Reaching your goal will become a struggle. Remaining within a struggle affects your progress. Moving up to the top of your game, being a rising star, becomes very, very difficult.

If this sounds familiar, then there is good news for you.

The opposite of fear is trust. Yes, there is a time and place for thinking things through, developing a game plan and strategy. Results, however, are due to taking inspired action.

Consider all the options available to you right now. List them all. Identify the action steps you can take right now. Choose ones which take the least amount of effort and will give you the fastest results. Don’t think it through too much. Go with your gut feeling. Trust your instinct to tell you which next steps to take.

Decide to change your focus. In fact some things you will already have heard before. I believe it is important to hear the nuggets over and over again. Pay attention. When you are ready to commit to your goal those insights will take on a different meaning. All of a sudden you will wake up, have an “ah-ha” moment and “get it.”

The answers have been there all along, but you were unable to see them until you were ready to play a different game. As you connect to the reason driving you to be better than average, to strive for the top, turning your dream into a reality, your perspective changes. You adopt a “no-excuses” approach to success.

Things you were unwilling to do before all of a sudden you become willing to do. You become comfortable with being uncomfortable. And yes, you will be stretched further than you thought possible. What was once impossible becomes possible. In fact, the most complex problems have the simplest solutions.

Are you ready? The first action for you to take is discovering your “why”. Figure out why you are committed to building your business in a BIG way. Understand the driving force motivating you even when everyone else is telling you to quit.

Connecting with your reason for excellence is crucial. Without it you will eventually give up, sabotage or claim it was not meant to happen as you imagined.

Search for your meaning, your big “why”. Embrace it.

The reason for committing to your goal, turning a dream into a reality, is not external. Doing this because someone else has a vision for you, seeing your potential is not a good enough reason. It is too shallow. Success does not happen when you are doing it for someone else and not for yourself. External motivators are excellent to get you started on the journey, but eventually you will change course and fail.

Look within. Figure out what drives you. What is it you want so badly you are willing to do anything necessary to be a winner? Determine your purpose. Connecting with your compelling reason is powerful. The secret becomes revealed to you. This one factor keeps you going no matter what. It is as if you don’t have a choice but to do exactly what you are doing. What were once excuses disappear. Connecting with your innermost desire unleashes your potential.

Know your purpose. Your purpose, the reason you are committed to being a success, is a powerful resource. No one can take it away from you, unless you allow them to. Meaning, strength and motivation are gained. It is an unstoppable force. You become driven to move forward even when everyone else has given up. Nothing else keeps you going for the long run. It is life-changing.

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From Loren Fogelman, the success expert, founder of Mindset for Marketing Success.