If we peruse, various individuals have different goals. Some individuals want to be abundant, others crave power, and still, others seek contentment and fulfilment. If we look much more in-depth, people seek various points to reach happiness ultimately. Most of us are attempting to climb the first top of success, while the rest is trying to go further towards Gratification's second height.

According to Bhagwat Katha Shrimad Bhagwat Katha recitations, the achiever might want to master sports, national politics or organization, amongst the various other blooming areas in the world. The ones who are fulfilled and content are attempting to get away from the battle of life. For them, happiness doesn't originate from achieving much more yet, preferably from desiring much less. The former, which climb up the initial optimal of pleasure, depend on happiness to achieve joy, while the last thing that tranquility, is the structure of fun.

Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran Katha: Achieve the Ultimate Aim of Life

No armament can kill Atma, and Fire cannot burn it, Water cannot wet it, and wind cannot make it moist. This divine spirit stays in every being. Our Shastras specify this as timeless, and the only reality, i.e., birthed, needs to pass away. This holds good for a body made of flesh and blood except for the spirit as there is no birth or death.

The SOUL leaves the old body and gets in a new one as we change our attire. Therefore, death is not a tragedy yet a natural process in the presence of life.

Attaining Life's Purpose: Bhagwat Katha Shrimad Bhagwat Katha

The happiness that we obtain from materialistic properties is temporary or brief. It may last a couple of minutes or hours or maybe there for days, weeks, months, or years. Nonetheless, it may not last permanently. We end up being comfortable as well as obsequious as long these possessions exist with us. Slowly, however, indeed, arrogance likewise slips in a person having such controls.

Renunciation is not called for to achieve redemption. If one wishes to be an honest applicant, he has to renounce wickedness like rage, greed, lust, arrogance, attachment, anxiety and hostility.

Self-transformation Guide: Shrimad Bhagwat Mahapuran Katha Narration by Devi Chitralekha

- Keep the company of great people who have the very same goals. Belong of spirituality under advice of a sadguru.

- Focus on self-enhancement and observe that you are advancing towards your objective.

- Make a dedication on your own to achieve salvation the utmost purpose of life. Preserve self-control.

- Avoid vices like rage, Anxiety, Lust, greed, conceit, accessory and also disgust.

- Develop unconditional love for God and his production without any assumption.

- Perform every action selflessly as a solution to God.

- Incantation of God's name every moment, as in Kalyuga, reciting God's word is the only means to get him.

- It calls for sustained initiatives to achieve Redemption. It may take years, a whole lifetime or much more lives.

Word to the Wise

Whatever you might call it, the objective of life is freedom from suffering. As well as this is possible just if we realize the truth. We need to recognize we are not the body that endures as well as dies. We ought to realize that we are not the mind that needs to be reborn again.

Bhagwat Katha Shrimad Bhagwat Katha: We are energy that gives mindfulness to the body and mind while experiencing life in the world. This is self-realization. The utmost objective is self-realization because understanding the reality frees us from the jails of anguish and sadness experienced being the vanity, mind and body, which we are not.

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Devi Chitralekha Ji is the perfect epitome of above said words. At a age when a child remain dependent on its parents barely for speaking, at such age Devi ji has successfully preached so many "Katha Shrimad Bhagwat".