This is one of my favourite topics I love to write about. It is along the same topic as another article I have written some time ago called, “You are the Magician of Your Life.” As the title speaks, how do you discover your unlimited potentials?

I have always believe that, we can do anything we want, be anybody we want to be. We just need to focus on who we want to be and be it and live with it. If I would like to be an artist (I’m really bad at drawing), I believe I can always produce some decent qualities. Till today I didn’t challenge myself to do that because it will take a massive amount of time to learn it well because I know I need a lot of guidance.

However, I did challenge myself to write a book, it was something I always wanted to do. I focus hard and spend time finishing up my book. It took me 2 weeks to come out with a draft copy, a target which I set for myself to accomplish. And Ta-da, you may consider me as an author of my first book called What’s stopping you now? It is a self-help book talking about the things that are stopping us from growing and becoming successful in life.

As the dictionary explains, Potential: Is capable of being or becoming. It is a complete truth in what are your capability of achieving anything you want in life. As Adam Khoo mentioned in a seminar I have attended, the steps to become successful is very simple but the process of becoming successful is long and messy.

Therefore, take some time to exploring what you like to do. There are a few questions you may which to ask yourself:

What you want to do?

What makes you happy when you have accomplished it?

What makes you driven?

What makes you sacrifice your food and sleep for?

Once you have found your possible passion. Nurture it. The process is the same with anything in life, you have to learn more about it. Grow with it. Act on it. Give your commitment and dedication for it. See through the process and work yourself to your own success.

Remember, there is nothing you cannot do. You have unlimited potential to be anything or anyone you wish to be. As long as you give your 110% of your energy and focus in it. You will excel in anything in life. What is stopping you now?

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