“Your thoughts create your reality.” “What you focus on you attract.” “You are what you think about all day long.” We all know it’s possible to play an active part in shaping our own lives.

It is definitely possible to live the life you have fantasised about. But it’s going to take some awareness. We have an average of 60 000 thoughts each day. That’s a lot of thoughts to re-program. And it’s not possible to change them all consciously.

Two factors will ensure you are among the select few who have made their dreams their living reality.
1.You need simple and effective techniques to help you actively change your thoughts at an accelerated rate
2.You need regularity and consistency to ensure you actually use these techniques

One proven effective technique is Visualisation.
You’ve heard this before... A picture is worth a thousand words. Just by quickly scanning an image or viewing a short video - strong emotion can be induced. Excitement. Desire. Anticipation. Love.

Did you know your brain is very visual? Use this to your advantage. You will no doubt have heard of ‘vision boards’ before. You’ve heard many successful people advocate them. Perhaps you’ve even created one yourself.

It’s important to choose your images carefully. There is no point having an image of your dream house if you feel, “that’s never going to happen to me”. You want an image of your dream house where you feel a connection with it. You feel pleasure and excitement.

Basically you feel good just looking at this image. If you are not feeling good, you have picked the wrong image.

To ensure you pick the right image include as much detail as possible. Include action (movement), strong emotion and being in the present moment. These are all vital.

To help narrow your focus ask yourself these questions:
Where am I?
What is around me?
Who is with me?
What can I hear?
What am I wearing?
What is happening?
What am I doing?
What colours can I see?
What am I feeling?

Connect with your image. Really feel what it’s like to already have and experience what your image shows.

Whatever you dominantly focus upon with strong emotion (positive or negative) will be brought back into your life (if it is in alignment with your belief systems). That’s why you have to start small so your conscious mind can accept it. Upgrade your images slowly. There is no hurry.

This is worth repeating. You are given what you dominantly focus upon. It’s no good glancing at your vision board twice daily for 10 minutes each time. You need to be focusing on your images regularly throughout your day.

Visualization is most powerful when you are in alpha state. To assist your mind in reaching alpha state – use Brainwave Technology.

With Brainwave Technology you can alter your mood and your ability to focus and learn. Some brainwave frequencies use the law of harmonic resonance.

Harmonic resonance can adjust your brain’s primary operating frequency to an optimal state for manifesting. Now when you flood your subconscious mind with affirmations they are even more effective.

Affirmations can be visual in the form of text or played to you in an audio format using background brainwave frequencies. I suggest using both.

Affirmations follow similar rules to the images you use in your visualisation.

These six steps are a must to follow:
Be honest (your affirmations must be believable)
Make your affirmations emotional (it’s vital to evoke strong positive emotion)
Be specific (be as well defined as you can)
Use the present tense (your subconscious mind doesn’t differentiate between the present and the future)
Be positive (focus on what you want – not what you don’t want)
Keep phrases short (research has proven the shorter the better)

Visualisations, Brainwave Technology and Affirmations are all good techniques for actively changing your thoughts. But you must do this consistently. The more often the better.
For most people this is the hard part; finding time and focus to keep practicing all of this. One solution is My Desktop Therapist (MDT), a free software program that integrates and automates all these techniques. You simply leave it running on your computer while you work (or play).

Using MDT it’s possible to set text and image affirmations to flash discreetly on your screen up to 3,600 times an hour! As well as an audio module there is also a sessions module allowing you to incorporate techniques such as EFT. Very powerful.

To download a free copy now simply go to www.MyDesktopTherapist.info

Make sure that whatever method you choose, you continue to use it regularly to get the results you desire and being willing to change affirmations as needed.

Author's Bio: 

Shane Butler is a Purpose Coach (www.IgniteMyPurpose.com) and the founder of www.InspireUniversity.com.
Leon Jay is an EFT Therapist (www.eft-therapy.com) and the brains behind My Desktop Therapist.