My name is Aaron, It's my extreme pleasure to meet you here on this page.
Beyond these first few words lies a world beyond description.
Oh look, look, there she is just step up these stones, allow me to open this portal for you. Ahh yep there you go don't lose her, see her over by the streams edge. Oh before you go let me introduce you to this place. This is the domain of the Shaman. That's right, here before your very eyes. Shaman have been around for tens of thousands of years, their influence, heritage and teachings have traveled across the globe. They were the community Counselors, Medicine People, Herbalists, Seers, Sages, Midwives, and Healers. The wisdom of the shaman can unlock many doors to your true potential.
As you move closer to the stream, you realize its much more alive than @ first glance. The water is quickly tumbling and caressing rounded stones, all colors of the rainbow reflecting back to your eye. There are salamanders slithering amongst the moss, mud and grasses. There are red and yellow salmon swimming the currents. There are tall ripe green grasses swaying freely in a gentle breeze. Bright flowers dancing among the swaying grasses. Come a little closer she says, and as you draw near your eyes meet hers, and you can see in those big bright eyes the heavens and in one eye the Sun, and in the other eye the Moon. And as you blink you see your reflection, then the sun and the moon then your reflection, and then the Earth. She smiles sweetly and motions you towards some nice boulders for seating. I am so excited you came to visit. For the reason is. Just as the water in the stream is constantly in motion, so are the aspects of our lives also changing faster more so than ever. As things are changing rapidly it's important to be clear about intentions. An intention is the first step toward a goal. There are 2 types of intentions. One is like that of the mirage in the desert. Which is merely illusion. And the other which is like Love and Feeling which is Reality.
Please allow me to introduce myself, my name is Elena, I am an Inca Shaman priestess. The Inca hold the knowledge and the wisdom of the ancient civilizations, and have the tools of balance and harmony. They wish you to know that.
We all have records, these records are books of light, in these books live our abundance, all the fun people we get to meet, all the money we get to make, all the mysteries of life we get to unfold, high frequency choices, and interpreting our reality in ways that bring us back into awe and wonder.
From intending in the space of illusion we can create scarcity, anxiety, fear, jealousy, emotions of being small or insignificant, competitive, illnesses. Literally taking us out of balance.
Now if we intend from feeling, in our Hearts we create, balance, love, compassion, and our Dreams.
Lets look at the mechanics of how this works, and why illusion exists. The Illusion is part of the game, the game is it's ok to be the victim. The reason others want you to play this game is that they havn't found a way to create their own light thus abundance, so by setting up situations to lower the your frequency, they take your books of light and create abundance with your energy.
So what happens here is this, whenever you go to create your dreams your looking to complete something in the past. To prove to the bully your not dumb, to prove to the high school beauty queen your not a loser, to prove to your X business partner, he made a mistake by taking your share and pushing you out of the business, The reason you fail to create your dreams is because your still lending your energy to those people. Isn't that nice of you. Not really because how fun is your experience living in this way. Then what happens is you make choices that create scarcity to the point that, you stop dreaming, you don't know what you want. Take your books back. Create those dreams for you, for the fun in building them, for participating in your passion and for spreading cheer. And by doing this, the people who took your books, now can start to learn again how to create their own light. Which is truly a wonderful gift. Kind of like the rich kid who has everything handed to them, and finally someone says no more money till you learn to earn your own, and at first it's chaotic, but after awhile they create a sense of self-worth and respect for others because they become an active participant in creating for themselves. Alright hold out your hand I have a gift for you in return I want you to consider why you want this gift. Okay there you go, as you look at your hand you feel something warm heavy and round has been placed there. As you open your hand you see a very shiny gold coin. This coin has a mans face on one side grinning and a woman's face on the other side smiling. I remember my first gold coin, Elena relates in nostalgic tone. I wanted that Coin because I wanted to feel safe, because when I wasn't sure how that money was going to show up I worried that troubles in the past would happen again.. So you can imagine how upset I became when I came in from playing one day and noticed that the seam of my pocket had unraveled and the coin was somewhere in the woods where I had been immersed in exploration.
So lets be careful seeing new people and ventures from referencing the past. For this contaminates your experience. So up up up, we have been sitting for a good while now. Feels good to stretch don't it? Ok let's practice tapping into our hearts if you like. Place your hands firmly together, ahh there you go, now briskly rub them together and place them on your heart. Now allow yourself to feel that. Ok let's increase that, hands together, there you go, rub them briskly and place them on your heart. One more time place your hands firmly together in front of you and place them on your heart. Feel that tingly energy move through you. Feels so wonderful.
Okay now think of a time where you felt made fun of, left out, deceived. Notice how quickly the warmth and love you just felt just fades. So look over here see the red shimmering water fall, go ahead and walk through it, as you do you notice the situation that once had you feeling as a victim has shifted and cleared. So place your hands together, rub briskly but gently and place them on your heart. There it is do you feel it.
As you start down the path you begin to remember how enchanting life can be and you begin to see how many opportunities have been patiently waiting for you. So wherever you go look for feelings in your choices. And by doing that you can do things to simply experience them, to enjoy them, and as you do New experiences will begin to move into your life, and your dreams will again tap you on the shoulder. It has been so wonderful being with you today. Have fun creating from your heart, for as you do you will discover 12 powerful creations, this is the energy of the Inca Cross those are 1.Love, 2.Trust, 3. Connections, 4. Acknowledgement, 5. Protection, 6. Awareness, 7. Happiness, 8. Passion, 9. Expression, 10. Responsibility, 11.Productivity, 12. Present.
Goodbye for now see you soon.
Hi there did you have fun with Elena? I hope you had a beautiful time. Here is your portal, back to your reading space. As you step through you can see the vastness of the universe and as your foot reaches the stone threshold you can notice your breath, that the stones are vanishing like the illusions of of your past experiences, you notice the smells in the air, the sounds coming in, the feel of your skin, the taste in your mouth and the warmth in your heart. And with that, I wish you fun exploring your world through feeling.
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In Love and Light Aaron

Author's Bio: 

Hello my name is Aaron. I am a 39 yr old Male
From Park City Utah.
Engaged in Shamanic practices for the past 5 yrs.
For more info, free audio recordings @ blogtalkradio.com/elenaradford
Also a Reiki Master.
I Enjoy the Mountains, and learning sacred traditions and wisdom.
I love peace and stillness. I strive to reconnect others to their happiness.
I Write conscious poetry,understands the importance of dreams, and delves into deep levels of symbolism.
I Work with the mystical.. The World of the Dragon.

Favorite Poem
Sun drenched Flowers in gleeful colors weaving aromatic displays of Magic along gently wind swept mountains, condor quietly circling as the shaman standing in ripening grasses full of new seedlings, as inch worms gently descend from the trees, breathes in this breathe taking creation and then breathes it back out again.~Aaron Waldron