Wherever you may be in the world there is a exceptionally good chance that you have used an envelope more than once in your lifetime and you will certainly have received your mail and postal items in envelopes. There are so many different varieties used each and every day to mail and post a matter of contents across short and global distances, enabling many to correspond with friends and family over distances, easily in the old fashioned way. In modern times there has been an influx in the number of different materials used within the creation of cost effective and quality envelope designs and the number of uses is almost endless.

It is not just the different materials incorporated into envelope production today that has had a positive effect on envelope sales but the methods in creating good quality envelopes at competitive prices and the sheer size of the many different selections available that have also had a really beneficial effect on the way we see and use envelopes across the world. For so many citizens, they receive not only correspondence from friends and family contained in envelopes but also all or a high percentage of their bills and information from governments and local councils, schools and even places of work. In fact, totalling up the approximate number of envelopes the average person opens each year leads to some impressive and astonishing figures.

However, getting back to the subject of envelopes and their use in society, they still provide an essential service, even in these modern times where electronic methods of sending information and data, correspondence and even photographic material have evolved so very much. A testament to the versatility of the humble enveloppe (envelope in Dutch) millions upon millions of envelopes are used every year for all manner of applications and provide a bespoke and personal mailing solution for many businesses and individuals. Now anyone can order exact quantities of envelopes from a large and growing range of envelopes, to suit their particular needs and requirements, whether they wish to use commercial envelopes for business to business purposes or for a particular personal purpose such as sending out wedding invitations or seasonal greetings.

There is a myriad of uses for envelopes today, and so many more varieties of postal packaging solutions now classed under the enveloppe genre to cope with the huge demand and to keep in line with the array of competition from the likes of internet based alternatives such as email, e fax, social network sites and many more, when a more personal solution can be found in receiving a letter from family and friends instead of a more clinical email, text message or fax. A letter of gift can be treasured in greater ways than an SMS message or a voicemail as it is a physical entity such as a love letter scented with a particular perfume, or a luxurious wedding invite that is delivered within a beautiful foil lined envelope, the choices that are now available make all these scenarios possible and the mystique and beauty of receiving such items a personal and effective experience.

Of course for those wanting something different from their envelope, such as a bright and catching finish to use for a particular marketing solution or more, then the superb collection of cellophane bags and coloured foil bags make it once again a terrific and effective way to present all sorts of items whether for a corporate marketing strategy or perhaps a novel gift bag solution when shopping online, there are so many wonderful applications waiting for businesses and individuals alike.

Enveloppe Nederland is one of the chief providers of Enveloppe varieties across The Netherlands. With a huge assortment of envelopes to choose from, clients and customers can select the perfect envelopes in an assortment of styles and sizes to suit their needs and requirements.

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